You Got me Looking at Life in a Whole new Perspective, Says Mafisi

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It’s my feelings that am sharing and they said that hearts don’t lie. I try to keep a level head and stay humble most of the time.  I cannot handle any little thought leave alone an idea that one day I will not miss you. The humble you and all about you, it’s because I know you are the best in the whole world around me.  If it sounds like I’m bragging well it’s because my heart is speaking not my tongue or mind.  I have seen you burst into laughter many times and I would only imagine how you will when you read these, you’ve got me thinking right here.  It doesn’t matter where it will get you but for sure a rush to the bathroom will be inevitable, not because you are going to pee on your selves but in reality the joy will over whelm you.

Nice Couple 1Staring at your photo has become a norm should I say crazy or not. It’s funny how when I start to miss I go to my gallery just to look at your photos. I look at the pictures that we took together.  It’s funny how it’s so hard for me to decide which one of your photos should be my wallpaper on my phone. Sometimes when I pick up my phone and unlock it and I see your photo I forget what I was originally going to do.  I will instead send you a message telling you how much I miss you right now.

I know I just dropped you off but here I am already looking at my empty passenger seat with a frown.  I know I just spent the whole day with you but yet I’m missing you.  I miss your voice already so as I’m pulling out of your drive way, calling you and telling you how I needed to hear your voice right now.  It’s hard for me to sleep in my bed because I know what is missing.  Better yet I know who is missing.  It is amazing how just holding you in my arms can make me feel so relax and comfortable.  It takes me a minute to go to sleep in my bed when am alone because I have to get in the perfect position.  Do I have a perfect one? Yes off course laying next to you is the perfect position.   Sometimes I wake up just to kiss the back of your neck.  You ask me, is everything okay? I just wrap my arm around you planting a tighter kiss at the back of your neck again before whispering back, everything is perfect.

Cool MafisiYou got me feeling some type of way right now. Waking up and going to sleep with a smile on face out of your endless inspirations.  You got me wanting to be a better man.  You got me wanting to be the type of man that I feel you deserve to be with me.  You got me looking at life in a whole new perspective.  You got me wishing my mother was still alive so I could tell her that I think I found the woman you told me about.   You got me picturing a future with you.  You got me listening and singing love songs I usually wouldn’t pay attention too.  You got me, well to be honestly that’s it right there.  Just to be simple and plain my queen you got me.  Those three words describe how I feel right now better than anything else.

PhotographyIf wanting you is no offense to you.  I want to feel your lips and body pressed against mine.  I want to hear what types of moans you make as my tongue explores your body and finds all the right spots.  I want to make you call out my name as your nails digs in to the mattress and your teeth sink into the pillow.  I want you to beg me not to stop.  I want to feel your arms and legs wrap around me tightly keeping me inside of you.  I want to tell you how good you feel as I keep going and going until you are close to the edge.  I want you to look down at me as I taste your sweet nectar.  I want you to watch as I taste slowly at first and when I submit to my hunger for you and devour you greedily.

I want my lips and tongue to find you’re the buried treasure that is your pearl.  I want to look in your eyes right before you reach the dead end and say you got me right there.

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