Wife Carrying Running Championships, Can Team Mafisi Compete?

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Tales have been passed down from one person to another about a man named Team Mafisi. This man was considered lone wolf in the late 2000s, lived in single cubicles, and ran around with his gang of other causing harm to the villages. Today team mafisi have come out of the lone wolf status and swiftly integrated back to the society, developing other cunning ways of thrusting the villages if not the estates of the day.  Am sure by now you know that am referring to. Unplanned pregnancies and many other fights for team mafisi, though that’s not my topic of the day.

wife-carrying-competitionWife carrying running competition was invented few years back in Finland. There are three ideas to why/how this sport was invented. First, team mafisi and his counter parts were accused of stealing food and women from villages in the area he lived in; then carried these women on their backs as they ran away, hence the “wife” or women carrying. For the second idea, it has been said that young men would go to villages near their own, steal other men’s wives, and then have the woman become their own wife. These wives were also carried on the backs of the young men; this was referred to as “the practice of wife stealing.” Lastly, there was the idea that team mafisi trained his thieves to be “faster and stronger” by carrying big, heavy sacks on their backs, which could have eventually evolved to a sport because of the hard labour, combining endurance, will power, and muscle strengthening; which most sports ensure. Even though this sport has been considered by some as a joke, competitors take it very seriously, just like any other sport

It is in reference to the context above that am thinking of today challenges in relationships and how would the team mafisi overcome them.  Honestly, I carry you in this relationship! Couples test strength of their marriages in the field, I somehow sound strange to myself even. Putting relationships to the test takes on a whole new meaning at these races, where a husband has to complete a gruelling obstacle course while carrying his wife.

The race is marked with entry from all part of the world. Couples from across the globe sprinted along a track with their other halves clinging onto their backs at this year’s Wife Carrying World Championships, taking place in Sonkajaervi, Finland, competitors can even ‘borrow’ a wife from their neighbor. Could it be possible that as a dominant country in the sub Saharan Africa we could have representative at the competitions by as early as next week? No, thanks to team mafisi.Wife Carrying

Back the game; there are four customary styles to carry the wife: the traditional piggyback, the wife dangling upside down on the carrier’s back, thrown over on the shoulder and crosswise on the carrier’s shoulders. In my own believe ‘the style is free’. You may also create a new personal style of your own. It is possible to train for the wife carrying competition everywhere in the middle of the daily routines: in the bath, in the super market, in the playground or in the body building centre.

The wife must be at least 17 years of age and she must weigh a minimum of 49 kg. If she weighs less than 49kg she must wear a rucksack with weights in it so that the total load will be at least 49kg. The wife also wears a helmet to protect herself and if the husband drops the wife, the team will receive a 15 second fine.

The course is very difficult and requires a high level of physical fitness to complete. The official track is 253.5 meters long and it has two dry obstacles as well as a water obstacle around one meter deep. Mind you during the water section of the course there is a good chance that the wife’s head will go underwater. The winner is the couple who completes the course in the shortest time, but there are also prizes for the best costume, the most entertaining couple and the strongest carrier.

wife-carrying-competition-2You might think that it is an advantage to have a petite wife in this competition, because if she is small she will be a lot easier to carry. However, the prize for the winning team in the Wife-Carrying World Championships is the wife’s weight in beer. Therefore, if the competitor is able to carry his heavier wife and win the race, he will be richly rewarded in delicious beer.

The wife carrying is good for your relationship as the Wife-Carrying Festival is considered a celebration of love and harmonious relationships , because a couple who are close are able to find a mutual rhythm while running and move as one. I think that’s actually quite romantic! If you think that you could carry your wife through the obstacle course and successfully complete the race, why not head to Finland and try to take part in Wife-Carrying World Championships. A husband and wife team can enter the Wife-Carrying World Championships and he will need to carry his wife on his shoulders for the entirety of the race.


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