Tips To Keep Your Man Away From Other Ladies

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Being a perfect human being on earth is impossible, but doing things in a perfect way is inevitable especially when it comes to matters of the heart. I am particularly focusing on the ladies side of the game in keeping the man’s brains attached to her even when out of sight, insights that will prove otherwise to the old proverbs “Out of sight out of mind”.

Listen to him,

Listening is one of the best things that you can give to a partner in life, Letting him know that you will be there to listen  to the difficulties he passed through during the day, it makes him wish that time will run fast to see your face and even let out of his mind what bothered him, new assignments and unrealistic deadlines he can’t discuss with the boss or colleagues. You became a friend by listening and soon he will be trusting you more and more.

Love Couple 1Wear his favourite,

I might sound funny and very difficult at times, but am sure that you know what he likes you wearing, Be it that short skirt,  a pair of lace lingerie that he loves to see you in or a thong that he bought you on the last shopping spree, remember to let him have the best memories of you through out the time he is not next to you. These can be complemented at times by adding up little twist to create suspense and lust in his eyes as he come home tonight. Let him guess the one you are wearing from a number of photos you sent to him while he was in the office.

Accept the imperfect him,

Boyfriends, husbands and men in general love to be accepted the way they are, despite the falls, they love acceptance, a  pat on the back,  to power them on to rise up ready for the next challenge. Mind you men might feel that you are fighting them the moment you trying to change them.  It is good to note that “a sorry” from either party goes a long way in showing acceptance from the heart after a stand-off.

Love Couple 4Cook Well, his favourite.

They say that the shortest way to a man hearts is through the stomach, if you feed him well he feels appreciated and catered for, he knows the person to call or complain of his hunger to. remember the energy is well needed in between the sheets as you don’t want him to feel empty after 30.

Dance for him/ with him.

You can be sure that a man will get crazy over you the moment you make those moves in front of him, be it in the neighbourhood club or the lounge that you booked dinner for the Saturday night, or in your sitting room after a favourite song plays on the tv, am sure your moves will last longer in his head and he will always think of you before watching anybody else dance.

Be adventurers.

Getting out of the bedroom doesn’t mean that you cant enjoy each other company in sensual and sexual way. It proves somehow difficult for those with young kids who want 24 hours attention, but a weekend without the kids would create a good ambience for both of you out of the norm. Remember you can get even more naughtier when alone, a drive down the estate with soft music on stereo can help you in the relaxing and discussing more deep issues, your man will always value these times, they will be lasting memories.

Love Couple 3Enjoy him without fear,

Let him know that you enjoy every time you spend together and you will see a lot more effort directed to the time you have between both of you. Men will always feel if you are stressed or not comfortable around them, i bet it’s better to talk things out before you get more uncomfortable around him. A nice cuddle in the couch can work wonders for both you, you will both realizes the power of been embraced and he will keep it in his mind.

Do not be the reserved one,

I think the list would be endless, however can’t end the blog without mentioning the part that joins you back. It hits like a spark even after days and months of disagreements. When you make love, be naughty and tease him, ask him those questions that will make him want to explore more of you. It might be on the kitchen table that he enjoys more, or as he scrubs your bare back under warm showers, or by the swing chairs in you private backyard, Where both of you can have fun and enjoy, but always remember privacy is of great importance.

The tips will prove to work wonders for years in your life even when we are faced with modern ways of life where technology has become the center stage and of most of our day to day chats and activities.

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