Thousand Reasons to Celebrate You, World Teachers Day.

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Teachers appreciation is a feeling expressed worldwide, because teachers are that special part of the community helping us all to grow up and be better citizens. This is why most countries celebrate either the World Teachers’ Day (WTD) or their own national equivalents. Have a look at this and explore the ways teacher appreciation is celebrated around the planet, thou still there is a bunch of mockery by a few who hate educations.

As education becomes increasingly important to economic advancement and success in both developed and developing countries around the world, the importance of teachers in all our lives is growing. Teachers are shaping our global future not only by facilitating subject matter learning, but also by instilling vital cultural and social values such as gender equality and religious tolerance.

teachers-5According to UNESCO, they help to educate global citizens, and so they are global leaders. Thus, teachers have earned an international day called World Teachers Day during which their efforts are recognized and applauded, and during which they can work together to further educate themselves and others.

Teachers have what is most certainly one of the most difficult professions of any available. On any given day, a teacher is expected not only to educate at least twenty head, more often 25-30, and even more in developing countries, more children in one classroom, but also do it with limited resources.

Male Tutor Teaching University Students In ClassroomBut despite their critical role, in many areas of the world they are poorly paid, lack basic teaching resources and are even targets of intimidation and attack. And all too often, communities expect teachers to provide a high quality education with little support. Teachers need to be empowered by systems that enable them to achieve excellence, such as proper training, a safe classroom environment and sufficient educational resources.

Teachers often face the challenge of educating average, gifted, and special needs students in the same classroom using versions of pre-approved methods. Some of their students may not speak the language most common to their country. Others may come from fractured or abusive homes. The increase in high-stakes testing around the world also means teachers face even more pressure than is already inherent in their jobs, to get the children in their care through classes and on to the next course or grade.

teachers-3However, WTD is not a “traditional” holiday per say, and only the 204 countries who are member states to UNESCO do celebrate teachers, but usually not with parties or festivities. The typical celebration involves conferences, summits, banquets, or other gatherings at which pertinent modern teaching issues are discussed. The goal of World Teachers Day, as stated by UNESCO, is to further the recruitment, education, and training of teachers. To this end, most participants spend the day examining issues like the ones detailed above and brainstorming workable solutions for them.

I am particularly glad to write these article, more passionately when I think of teachers, my mum was one, and as long as i have lived I have not seen her do anything else a part from teaching. Well done Mum and live long and also note just like according to a Japanese proverb, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” Thanks for giving me the thousands of days to always celebrate you.

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