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Team Mafisi Holds An Urgent Meeting Hours After, #Anita Posts A Video.

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mafisi Photo BAfter a Video was posted on one of the social media site by a very famous personality, it has created an uproar within the team mafisi members, with most of the member requesting that a thorough and comprehensive investigation be done to determine the intentions of the video, I have seen  the lattest trending video #anita, and read a number of comments that were haring from team mafisi members,.

As we await the full statement as promised by the team mafisi head, i have deliberated on a number of things that the team members will be excepting from the group chairman.

  1. The intentions, Honourable members will be waiting to see if the chairman and the assigned team to undertake the investigations will be able to contact the so called Anita to try their best in understanding the intentions of creating and posting such a video on the social media.
  2. The credibility of the Character, The Team is also waiting to hear from the chairman, more about the character in question, they will try and see if they can get any history from the same character and determine whether such videos have previously been released without the attention of team mafisi.
  3. Herbs, The team members are as well waiting to see if the chairman will form a commission of inquiry to hold a forum that will discuss the results of using herbs “Bang” as we have received credible evidence that the character had been spotted smoking some herbs, The investigation team will therefore be looking at other characters during the forum and see if there is any likelihood of such results after using herbs.
  4. How to Delete the video, I anticipate that the investigation team might as well try to contact Mark Zee. to see if there is a channel they can use to pull down the video before it becomes viral, creating uproar on the fisilets team.
  5. How to deal with such characters. In order to prevent future occurrence of such cases, team mafisi will form a “mafisi commission” aimed at censoring the content from such questionable characters before it’s released to the general public.
  6. The rule No 7 be Changed, It is normally known among scholars that rule no 7 for the team mafisi, states that any team member shall for no reason leave any stone unturned. However,  in the wake of such characters it might be high time that team mafisi be more careful not to end up with such a character.

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Awaiting the full statement of the Chairman.

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