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Team Mafisi Disappointed By The Chairman.

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The news have spread fast and almost every member of the said team mafisi has a copy of the chairman’s statement, which he had promised to release by the end of business yesterday, in regards to video #Anita. However being a Friday and almost every one including the secretary to the chairman was in a hurry to leave the office and set foot in their famous drinking wells to refill their bellies before heading home.

A number of news channels reported that a team mafisi group of was seen in a state of deep shock and depression after the chairman read the speech on open grounds, much of the romours suggested that the chairman may have been compromised after a good catch and was looking forward to hanging his Gideon boots and be out of the hunt.

downloadThe chairman’s  speech  in part “I am deeply concerned by uproar of our members after the video saga, however a far as am concerned i do not see the need for panic among the members since the subject has been contained. This notion that every character has to be investigated, just because they are crazy! in more ways than one, is what makes the Mafisi rules inappropriate, It is my sincere observation that i did not find the content of the video, abhorrent in any way, however if there is anyone with a just reason why we should continue this investigation and interrogation. I do urge him to come forward with a written citation on the subject” As he read the speech he did not show any signs of reprehension or illicit behaviour.

The closing remarks left the members in disbelief and most of them left in a hurry without a word, ” I have for many times urged the honourable  members not to concentrate on the small fraction of people who are out there looking for publicity, since taking up such cases will only result in the subject getting attentions and channels to pass their agenda, dear members it seems we are lost to our time. Over the years, Team Mafisi was responsible for protecting the girls in the hood since they were considered sisters by every male in the said neighbourhood..” The chairman dismissed the meeting.

The words conclusively suggested the that chairman had already decided to leave the members alone in the bush, A number of members were seen discussing the in low tones however, none confirmed whether they were discussing future of the group or the speech.

The social media was flooded at the late hours of the day with calls made from a defector group calling for immediate sucking of the committee  and world wide general election. The defector group although they declined to comment upon clarifications, seems to be planing a comeback.

For me i have nothing much but to wait for a chance to speak to the chairman on an open interview, however he has been out of reach and the secretary said he is not in a position to take interviews till the matter cools down. As i await team mafisi defector group come back, a question hits hard on my brain, What happened to being just friends for the sake of networking and having fun?

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