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I stop and Spin Around as Team Mafisi Watches, Says a Fisilet.

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Team Mafisi discovers another dancer, Though she posted the practice video for just a few members of the team mafisi, It has gone viral so fast and a member has forwarded the same to our news desk.

West Afrcan DancersThis thing right here shaking in all the ladies, I wanna let you know that what guys talk about it, You know, the finer things in life, You just check it out Ooh that dress so scandalous and you know another mafisi can’t handle it, so she is shaking that thing like who’s the fisi with a look in his eyes so devilish.

Some not so good thoughts runs in my brain the time  am halfway through the clip, A number of questions formulate in my head. Do you like to dance on the hip hop spots? but by the time am through i have conclusions that the pop culture dens will be a waste of time if the mafisi there are high on weed, As if am talking to her bu now my useless brain finds answers where few will. I take a cruise to crews to connect the dots not just in the urban clubs, but in her hoods as well. Much of the unconfirmed news suggested that she likes the pop cause she was ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’

She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck the turns are crazy, long and not much calculated, but the shake make me crazy as well, Thighs like those will leave team member searching for her twitter handles and Instagram connects, Quotes a team mafisi member.  By now i make conclusions that all the questions i have will be ready for next time before she can do the shake what your mama gave you baby, Baby move your butt, butt, butt I think I’ll sing it again.

Kenya dancersAll the night i will sing and dance just to be next to such a dancer, the sudden turn will send adrenaline back to my blood streams every time if feel like energy is running out of my system, I think dancing is one of the languages that can be used by many from different parts of the world. I once visited a club in Milan and the moves there were almost the same and the once we have here. She didn’t have to ask twice, i was rolling next the second she suggested lets dance. Though the moves looked little funny the beginning i matched up fast and within 10 minutes i was good to go.

I know it quite a difficult battle that she has to endure as the fields are already full of team mafisi and many other dancers with much skills and talents as her. Hope she will find someone to sign her for a video or movies shooting.

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