Someone Please Remind me Never to Follow Her Again.

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Someone please remind me never to follow a fisilet again! I feel like I am scarred for life. A few weeks ago, a fisilet called me and told me that our next escapade and would be at the fall of darkness in one our famous joint, she sounded excited, not sure why but I only blame the hormones when it comes to women. I had a feeling I had gone there more times than enough, but I couldn’t quite resist the call. Changing a woman’s mind might be as hard, anyway, coz it is her and she is fancy, I figured it was a really nice place with beautiful views, a beautiful joint inside.

I was ready on time and allowed myself a few minutes to drive there, however a few minutes later we decided to switch to another place, as abrupt as it was, we decided to follow the oracle, Google Maps!  I feel like the oracle had different plans for us as we found ourselves driving in the middle of the city. Shit happens when you are all in a hurry, we got a puncture! We all freaked out, well she freaked out more, noticing how we completely ignored the earlier plan and stayed on the place we knew, but it’s the thing with creative’s, we love forging our own paths. The end justifies the means I guess. A couple of guys approached us and told us they would be helping us to change the wheel. First of all, why would they changing the wheel, after all she is just a fisilet, off jacket, I didn’t sign up to go through a mechanical test, I don’t have insurance and I just recently fell in love.. so much to live for! She and I wouldn’t have it. She gave me a pep talk on how we need to take risks to achieve great results. Its the only way to differentiate us. I gathered all the courage  and started jacking up the car, holding the makeup bags, the camera and some water bottles she stood watching. That was the most dangerous thing I’ve done so far, Jacking up a car while my leg are under the car. It took us about 1 hour to get done.

Pool-Couple 1When a long and arduous battle finally culminates in victory, but you are wilted and weary from the exertion, kindness flows over a dry and weary soul like a crescendo of waterfalls flashing in mid-day sun. I read these from the literature books, in reality it was movie scene but the beautiful fisilet did let me experience a part of it, because she extended her kindness to me thereafter.

Our adventure began with such unfortunate start; we cruised beyond the urban clutter of Nairobi into expansive Thika road the equivalent of the 1950s Germany autobahn highway. Acacia trees nodded benevolently in the wind, rolling hills promised something delightful around the next corner. We both love long drives and nature. Hours slipped under the wheels as they carried us far away.  It felt utterly extravagant to cruise the open road for pure pleasure! Rolling down the windows. We pulled into a red dirt parking lot, fringed by dusty green trees.

Other couple could be seen unpacking sacks of snacks and spreading the carpets to catch a bite before they embark on the journey. Then the group gathered and scrambled down a trail. Earthy scent of soil and leaves drifted in the breeze. The source of a persistent roar came into view as we rounded a bend. Winding down the path to the Garrisa road picnic site below the shadows of the big trees, a modern hotel complex, we stepped into a wobbly blue wooden hut from outside. Inside it presents the modern town house with all the necessities incorporated, It’s a hot tourist destination I realised.

On the other side, the other couples clamored over a pool under the trees. As waiters went around taking their order for the evening, I did not understand why people had to order all they would consume during their night, the sales counter closes after 10:00 pm Soon we  will whisk in drinks from our car boots at the absence on the waiters.

Strangers as we were but now reassured that the day will be as great as it started with the singing birds behind my balcony. I reveled by the poolside, crescendo of dancing waterfall, fresh flora smell was purifying the air around. I was grateful to stretch my legs by the pool, us stretching souls too time to bond. Other fellows could probably imagine my happiness, I never figure that such a nice place could exist in the middle of nowhere.did I booked it? I kept asking myself. In our safety-obsessed culture we often think we can be supernaturals. I breathed a sigh of relief when we laughed at the thrill of the adventure.

Trek 1I first met her in an hour of desperation, and I had no idea where to turn. Her dear friends had been there but she never told me that it was a pre-arranged event. Nevertheless, I agreed. I had nothing left to lose. With a mix of intelligence and compassion, she listened to my story, heard my story. She saw beneath my friendly smile and recognized a deep exhaustion. Although an accomplished business lady, she admitted he had never handled a crazy person like me a risk taker in all ways. But she heard my story with kindness, and I knew I could trust her

When it was all said and done and the case was finally decided, it was time to rest on accolades. Instead she carried kindness to another level. She invited me myself and I. To a picnic hike the morning after, we hiked to the top of the falls. Holding hands in a long line, we snaked with guides around gnarled tree roots clutching the lazy water’s edge and across slippery rocks and islands of vegetation, making our way for at least an hour across the wide, shallow river.

I am a “rugged individualist.” But like water in a desert, her kindness traced my heart to the deepest point and the rest is our story for another day.

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