Has the Social Space Impacted the Millennial’s in a Negative Way?

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It is in my own thought that at times look back at the society and have a number of questions, mine today is only a view of the social media impact on the Kenyans youth. Thou the word youth might by and large include a bigger group/scope than the one I have I mind I tend to think that the millennial would be a better group to think about at these time.

Every time I login to the social space thou the privacy that was there in the yester years in no longer available I tend to thinks more as my heart sinks deeper due to the direction the social media I taking the Kenyan millennia’s, with topic that advocate on homosexuality, infidelity, high school drop-out rate, high divorce rate, prostitution and modern crime ways.

social-media-3The very difficult area to police and  regulators in the social space might have another decade of brain storming before they can completely cub and police the social media in a constructive manner keeping in mind the right and privacy of all persons and entities on the social media.

Where us I see the virtue world as a space to grow without limits with capabilities of your views and opinions reaching almost half the world population in a matter of days. It has negative effects that go beyond control and we will need a strong policy in place to cub it, I practically investigated factors contributing to drug abuse among the millennia’s in Kenya; a case of dotcom era. It’s hard enough to establish the nature and extent of drug abuse and related issues among the youths.

A number of young generations without clear self guidelines have been exposed to all sorts of experimental behaviours from have around the globe to their fingertips, the level and sources of knowledge and awareness on drug abuse and related issues among the youth drives a number to the experimental phrase, we have big demographic number related to drug abuse. The most worries is the adultery that has been advertised in the social media in the name of having fun and living life a worrying trend the hits my head with reality of what happened to the millennia’s.

social-media-2Where us in last decade the few to did the unthinkable, had a hard time to think about it, the current trend had in way validated some habits giving them reasons and ideas that are dangerous to the society at large. It worries me more to know that within a few click one can join numerous groups on the social media while still concealing their identity, what gets the hair at the back of my head stand is the fact that those ideologies that are planted into the young generations will be a hard thing to deal with.  The young generation will hind their identity in but will never hind the effects of the ideologies that they shared and acquired on the social media.

Whereas we open up the social-cultural factors contributing to society growth, we also should be able to understand the forbidden vices of other societies might be spreading like bush fire where the policing policies are not in place, few things might be notable in a number of individuals but not all; extended usage of anything is always dangerous to one’s health. Am pretty sure that most of the under 21’s are on social media for more hours than the marketers themselves.

Demographic factors also work in close relationship with social-cultural factors such as one’s perceived respect by others, the social environment, peer pressure influence, social learning from parents, one’s culture and cultural believes, customs, norms and values. Economic factors also play a great role in determining one’s behavior especially in cases of deviance. One’s economic status may influence one’s indulgence in such activities among youths in Kenya.

Teenage boy hiding while using a mobile phoneIn my own opinion, however, limited to the knowledge I have on these factors and the amount of observations I have made of social media in the last years or so, the way forward in reducing or curbing the social space for us to safe guard our cultures and integrity as we take up the individual virtues to societal effects such as good health, personal hygiene among others.

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