Should I Self-Love More? Asks Team Mafisi.

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Life is different especially when you are dealing with the millennials, depending on how we’re brought up, we’re all told different things regarding the normalcy and appropriateness of self-love. In some family setups, households or environments in which authority figures are more conservative-minded, for example, self-love can be frowned upon, particularly as it concerns teenagers and young adults. In more secular, casual, or liberal-minded environments, however, self-love can be encouraged, or even simply ignored, in a way that each individual can choose for herself.

self-love-2 Neither environment, nor the no attitude that falls in between the two, is strictly “correct.” There are numerous factors that go into how a person feels about self-love, and as with most things, the best way to look at it is probably “to think it over on your own.” However, for those teenagers and young people who do feel inclined to experiment with and practice self-love, it’s important to know that from a physical and societal standpoint, there’s nothing wrong with it. What is the most important factor is how it affects you as an individual.

The unfortunate truth is that a lot of young people feel that there is something indecent, or even slutty, about self-love. Discussing the reasons for this perception could go on forever. Part of it is that society largely tells women that men’s needs come before their own in such matters; part of it is also that self-love betrays a sexual appetite that is somehow deemed normal for men, but slutty for the opposite species. These are simple ways to phrase the problem, but the important thing is that women should fight hard against succumbing to this sort of gender bias and sexual suppression. It is a vice in any society I guess.self-love-1

The topic handling self-love becomes a hotbed on social media with writers getting harsh reactions from the different stands on the simple debate. I don’t intend to stir the cool waters in any way but on my simple view and understanding, I only put it in the contest of “beautiful experiences of exploring and discovering oneself rather than that of Self-love should be a guilty pleasure”.  It is only when you love yourself that you will understand the deep feelings of loving others. It is somehow and lengthy process of understanding oneself and the society at large should take self love as a normal, healthy, and even necessary at times. The hope, of course, is that others accepts themselves and feel as part of the wider part of the society.

And fortunately, it seems as if younger generations may be hearing the message. And a big part of the society is understanding the issues involved and embracing it in positive manner. Those are encouraging statistics for anyone who wishes for young people to feel comfortable addressing their own needs. To further the positivity of the message, the infographic goes on to discuss some of the very real medical benefits of self-love. But for sure it’s a natural painkiller, a measured booster of self-esteem, and can even decrease the risk of physiological issues affecting the society. Not bad for a medicine that also happens to feel fantastic!

Self LoveA number of society article writers have creatively discussed creativity and self-esteem boosts, getting rid of migraines, boosting sex drive, eliminating aches or mental stress, and, perhaps most importantly, getting to know your body. Each of these is a very real benefit to self-love, and another reason to drop the shame or apprehension you may feel as a result of misguided social pressures to steer clear of self-love.

Ultimately, my say is simple, the decision of when and how to practice self-love is up to each individual person. Whatever your personal feelings may be, it’s important to understand that there’s nothing objectively wrong with self-love—and there’s a whole lot to love about it, enjoy.

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