Raila, After the Swearing at Uhuru Park, What Next? Back to Detention!

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Early in the morning, the former Germany trained engineer would leave his house in Karen. Riding jeeps, or on motorcade– he could no longer afford privacy – he’d call on friends,” water melon”, “ma-dvd” and “we-tangulia” check on his farm or family. Somehow he’d hunt for cheap media publications, or try to score contraband books or PA systems to the main park. Most often, he’d meander aimlessly, so to allow his friends and members of the summit to join him – a traveller in his own city. The anger of those baying for his blood if he doesn’t show up would be sending shock-waves down his spine.

In the evening, he’d sit at his old wooden desk, bent over his notebook, recording the day. Most of what he wrote was surprising, the price of tomatoes, and a quarrel with his wife. But he also wrote his observations of the remarkable events unfolding in ODM. Just as in any totalitarian society, the majority of residents bent their heads and went on with life.

“I must live this moment and record it,” reads one entry, after his arrest due to coup, two months after the fall of the city. “We live like prisoners serving long jail sentences. Some of us will come out having finished reading dozens of books. Others will be devastated and destroyed.”  By the time he stopped writing, he’d filled five volumes. They are the handwritten diaries of a city under occupation, and a chart of how the Islamic State tried to live up to its name – by running a city.

In the early days of democracy, the new scholars were broadly welcomed in Kenya. Unlike the brutal and corrupt KANU Regime, they were polite. They guarded public interest, prevented looting and dismantled the concrete barricades that choked the economy.Indeed, some were already acting as a kind of shadow government“taxing” businesses and extorting a percentage from every municipal contract. Those who failed to comply were often regarded of enemy of democracy.

We paid them a percentage of every contract for a decade,an electrical engineer at the department of energy. The head of our directorate would get a phone call from them before every bidding process. They chose who would win and who got appointed to what job. A third of all new vacant positions were set them. No one dared to disobey. Those who didn’t pay were kidnapped. Every government institution was infiltrated, even the police.And it was here in Nairobi where ODM would attempt its most ambitious plan yet, the basis for its claims to legitimacy: to transform from an opposition to a government which rules by the sword.

Oh people, you have tried all the secular regimes, from the monarchy to the republic of Kenya to the Nyayo Era. You have tried it and been burned by its fires. And here we are now in the reign of the country and the region. And you shall see by the will of the people’s resistance movement the vast difference between a secular government, that oppresses and confiscates the will and energies of its people and erases their dignity, and our rule, which takes the divine word as a path.

The constitution document was just the first step, however. The so-called ODM would not spring up in a single day. It arrived gradually, over roughly a decade, via a series of actions and edicts each new step affecting a different segment of society, raising the heat each time.In many ways, ODM’s project resembled other attempts through history to build a utopian state, from a road map of authoritarian rule. First, promote a mythical founding ideology. Next, use it to purge society of undesirables. Killings, the utmost brutality so as to thwart any resistance; maintain a ruthless intelligence network to induce the population to denounce itself.

But totalitarian regimes can’t survive on millennial ideology and mass terror alone. They need a functioning bureaucracy and competent administrators. ODM began by conducting an extensive census in the country. Army and police personnel, doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers were all registered, along with their families. Its authority established, NRM will turn its energy toward creating a municipal administration. It will abolish all existing government structures and replaced them with foot soldiers, or ministries: health, education, services, finance, war, judicial/security, agriculture and others. Each sector was headed by a solider, some of them foreigners, yes a year or so back we saw some patrolling our cities in the name of donor funded projects assessments or polling technology tendering.

Am sure we will see an emergency of some streamlined collection method was used for rubbish. Every street will handed to a particular garbage collector, who was paid by the residents; Odm will issue cards with amounts to be paid, and inspectors will came regularly to check the streets were clean and the money collected. Terrified beyond limits am sure everyone will pay on time.

There will be ingenious ways in envisioning new techniques to generate income. All confiscated lands, properties and factories, along with looted wealth, oil fields and cattle, will belong to the NRM the finance ministry will be used it to reward the faithful and generate income in a massive Ponzi scheme. Farmlands stolen, and their cars and belongings auctioned off. Confiscated cattle provided subsided meat to NRM fighters.

And, just as in any totalitarian society, the majority of residents will bend their heads and life will go on. “Generations will blame us for not trying to stop the RailaswearingIn.Maybe we should have done it otherwise. But I we are all afraid of the future.”

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