“Predict The End, Prevent The Beginning”, Kenyans Battle With Democracy

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Kenyans will head to the polls on the 8th August, I hope without a drink in their system, at least if they are abiding by the countrymen’s call to sober up and vote, unlike in the style of earlier demagogues like Moi and other, Odinga has aimed his misleading and mean-spirited diatribes at a struggling and frustrated segment of society, apparently touching a chord with voters who have experienced years of stagnant wages, whose jobs are threatened, who feel betrayed by poverty and nostalgic for a more prosperous past. To these voters Odinga bashes the governments and sees no good in anything it does at times distracting the law and order, promising to Kenyans Canaan and assuring them that he alone can solve their problems. But those who put their hope in his politics of resentment and fear are making a terrible mistake.

For Mr. Odinga will no doubt try harder to appear presidential, but surely voters won’t forget the long litany of insults, lies, threats and ignorant statements he has made about everyone. For Odinga  to be a great president, he will have to struggle to overcome his own weaknesses Mr. Odinga lacks the character, values, and experience to be president. He weakens the whole country moral authority as the leader of the free world. He appears to lack basic knowledge about and belief in the Kenyan Constitution, our laws, and fails to recognize various institutions, including religious tolerance, misuse of the freedom of the press and expression, and an independent judiciary.

We are all familiar with the protests that he has organized over the long period of time. Claiming that nobody controls the people, but it’s out of their own accord. The number of people supporting him keeps growing all the time. I know of some who were cordesians when it started, and who are now on the naswa since its merger with the ODM. They have joined after Odinga told them of how the regime responded to peaceful marches with gunfire; how they tortured their sons and daughters; and when they were attacked in their homes while not having anything to do with the protests, and his speeches are always choreographed to insight and built tension creating an emotional force in sabotage of democracy.

On the other hand Mr. Kenyatta, Perhaps his greatest strength is his pragmatism- his ability to build consensus and solve problems. As president, he has been flexible enough and experienced enough to cut across party lines and work productively with his political opponents, and that He is the only way our beloved country will be a true democracy with lobbyist who understand the directions the country wants to follow rather than those political hecklers.

President Kenyatta In addition to offered new constitutions to the citizens, a democrats who was first elected more than four years ago, with an ICC prosecution’s case tied to his legs, he has dragged himself out of it and achieved unusual popularity in a country where the three previously elected leaders had completed their terms at their wish. Polls there show he is ahead of his closest rival with a few points, and is likely to become the first president miss a place in the state house depending on the voter turn-out.

All said in a sober day as i watch our future leaders walk home from school, it’s my thought that when a democracy turns into a dictatorship the rules change. If the democrats realize in time what is going on, they will act decisively and stop it. “Predict the end, prevent the beginning.” But if they refuse to take in what is happening, if they bury their heads in the sand, then the dictatorship will take root. It’s only and thought of an ordinary Kenyan; see you after the presidential results, Vote in peace and preach peace.

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