Political Nonsense, Media Dramas and Judicial Battles All For One Miguna Miguna.

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Politicians are smart because they have clawed their way by guile or guts, mostly the former, to the top of the totem pole to lord it over the rest. That fact cannot be denied. Then how does one explain the utter absurdity of the political quagmire they have created and, more galling, are wildly spending our resources to prolong that mess and their political lives in today’s Kenya.

Let us look at the madness first, and then try and fathom the logical reasons for this nonsensical politics. How can an international traveler try to enter a country without producing travel documents? At this point I find it necessary for one Miguna Miguna to be subjected to a psychic test, he a lawyer of his stature can’t miss such a basic requirement. But all his interest is on the preset mindset or general disregard of rule of law which brings about the publicity and disruptions that he thrives in. Do you think that this is a profound statement? “Intention and attention are mystery’s manifestation.”

Both statements are, of course, nonsense, understood in a particular sense: not a lie, but a kind of verbal smokescreen, designed to suggest depth and insight but actually vague, vacuous or meaningless. As we’ll see, an understanding of pretentious-sounding gibberish and its frequent power tell s us something important about contemporary politics. But we need a little social science first. The deported NRM General has exactly such an agenda and seems hell bent on making a big complicated issue out of this. Not because he doesn’t understand the need, but because he is in need of a big theatrical process every single time a decision has to be made in the law courts of Kenya.

It’s my own opinion that the political system of the democratic republic of Kenya is outdated and has painted itself into many a corner after decades of bad practice, am sure that those of us who have been in this country for more than 3 decades remember very well that the current leadership across all political divided are all students of the single party state era. Where in business you solve problems by sitting down and finding common ground in good faith, politics is all about finding the one hair in the soup, and trying your damnedest to make differences appear bigger than they really are, while undermining the credibility and reputation of your opponents, who honestly should not be opponents at all, but your teammates working for the best of your country.

Miguna and his colleagues also investigated the individual characteristics that lead people to regard baloney as profound. Not surprisingly, they found that people are more receptive to it if they do less well on measures of analytical thinking, such as numeracy and verbal intelligence. They also found that people are more open to this stuff if they also hold paranormal beliefs, endorse alternative medicine or accept conspiracy theories.

Actually the political system in Kenya has not really developed for many decades, whereas all other industries have constantly developed and reformed themselves. The productivity growth in the public sector has been negligible – or even non-existent – while private enterprises have multiplied their level of productivity over the same decades. For that reason, the damage inflicted on our society is huge thanks to this rhetoric political system which is growing fast out of hand. The madness of a few hundred people with little or no business experience, setting the rules for everyone else while managing vast empires is more and more obvious. This gets only worse with the trend of creating ever greater political structures is managed by a few bloggers on their laptops and sneaked photos.

Something needs to be done. With the information we all have at our fingertips, the cost of corruption is being felt on the goods and services all over and we cannot even talk of a better quality than we ever knew before, the need for politics is diminishing. But the self-perception of the political system is the exact opposite: it feels more and more entitled to interfere with everything under the sun, all the while promising to solve the many problems it creates itself.

We have seen numerous court orders being disregarded and thrown to the drain by the Government officials at will. This act downplays an important reason for us to have an effective judicial system however independent it might seem to be, which is how it makes people feel. Pseudo-profound Political statements and media pressers from both the political divided government and civil societies work when they make people feel that they are being given access to a deep secret: They produce a kind of awe, even reverence, and so it’s all the better if the meaning of those statements is unclear. When it is effective, political baloney makes people feel that they are listening to someone firm, confident and strong. The vagueness of the statement isn’t a problem; what matters is the favourable emotion that it produces.

In academic life or in politics, the problem with this stuff is the same: It doesn’t treat people with respect. It’s a lot like a lie; it’s certainly a form of manipulation. Sometimes it works, in which case voters can be taken in, at least for a while. But they deserve better than that, and in the end, majorities tend to demand justice and that’s likely what will happen in Kenya in the near future. Though I can’t predict the means, be it an uprising, military coup or impeachment. I can just see it coming.

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