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My Dress My Choice, No Pants Day 22 June.

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My Dress My Choice, A statement that has hit the headlines for quite some time now, I still wonder if tomorrow we will have repeat of the same as we celebrate the No Pants Day.

Away from that all I want to assure the team mafisi and fisilets is that, home may be where the heart is, no matter its no pants day or not, the people you love and the fuzzy little family members. But we often forget to discuss the things that define home by their absence. The first thing on that list today? Pants. There is a feeling that one gets from stumbling through the door at the end of a hard work day and dropping their pants before they ever leave the foyer. The fresh air on your bare skin lets you know you’re home, and you’re comfortable. Such a great feeling is this that there’s even a holiday dedicated to it, and it should be no surprise that it’s called “No Pants Day”.

Nopants2The days comes with a history that most of the team mafisi and don’t even know, If there’s anyone who understands the glory of an absence of pants, its college students. After a long day spent adulating in a world full of peers who have just about as much experience in it as you do, it is no surprise that freedom comes the moment you get yourself naked in the bathroom, an extension of the feeling is carried to the bed as you lie there fresh and free from any form of clothing apart from the slick feeling of your silk bed sheets in between your legs.

Nopants4The idea was born in the late 90s by a group of college student with the sole intent of a prank, to stir up things at the campus, it continued to be celebrated with every passing year until the idea had caught fire and in 2000 it took off across the world. So it was that families and friends all over the world banded together to free themselves from the tyranny of trousers! No Pants Day is now a popular and much celebrated day all over the world, viva la revolution!

Today the celebration starts by choosing your no-pants option for 22 June. The options are broad, as there is only one general rule, No Pants! This means that you could wear shorts, skirts, dresses, whatever leaves your legs free to enjoy the feeling of wind on them. If you’re feeling truly daring, you may choose your most sporting pair of undergarment and head out into the world sporting a fine pair of pins!

Nopants1No Pants Day is a fantastic holiday that reminds us that true freedom requires but one thing, legs unfettered from the shackles of denim, polyester, or any other fabric that would hold them prisoner, I hope the same freedom will not be in excessive to undermine the freedom of expression and association. I wish you all the best as you enjoy the breeze.


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