Team Mafisi Today is a Tad Risqué, Lets Empower Women. No-Bra Day.

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It’s one of the most controversial topics that I really don’t like writing about, but for the sake of setting the record straight team mafisi fraternity would love to express their appreciation to the women around us, seens October 13 2012 and every subsequent year, it is a day that celebrates the women breasts, by calling all to free them in a constructive and all inclusive way. A day to express the beauty of the breasts and shine light on the non sexual side of it. As for purposes of legality and intentions I would like you to remember this is not a porn blog so I do keep it appropriate, with the single purpose of empowering women and not sexualizing them.

And since we’re talking about tits, let’s talk about tits. Hundreds of women have great tits, by traditional standards of beauty. Be it small, perky, unassuming tits whatever the shape and size, we team mafisi appreciate them all.  But why are they fighting for the right to showcase them?  Um, dude. That’s not revolutionary at all. That’s pretty much what everyone wants you to do. Freedom, a part of human rights, thou from my tender age my teacher said that my freedom ends at the end of a circumference that I can reach at one particular time.free-bra-1

So why is the situation here more complicated, because the freedom touches a specific area that has being manipulated by the human mind to turning to be a taboo in many of the societies. Is it simply a matter of societal taboos, which is to say, a matter of social conditioning? Or are there perhaps intrinsic biological factors, some deep DNA override that has happened on the last century.  I guess that you will all agree with me that all team mafisi members are so programmed to stare at a woman’s nipples. No wonder you will find it illegal and criminating act for a woman to be publicly topless in most parts of our world. Ridiculously, that even includes breastfeeding in most of our societies. I still wonder whether our cultural has been shadowed by the neocolonialism.

Thankfully our country has a very long tradition of amending draconian laws when they no longer serve our modern times. Is it possible with some cultural engineering, a little “societal enlightenment” we could influence legislation and the shock-and-shame reaction that one topless woman should be mocked or disrespected in any way. I believe that every woman life’s dreams to have a right and never to be subjected to shame, about their body.  I would love your help to free our country from tyrants that throw women in prison for the most basic human right, to be topless on a beach or feed your child without the police arresting you or your wife or sister.free-bra

If the #FreeTheNipple campaign seeks to make our societies more like other countries where women’s breasts are not considered to be sexual, they’re going to have to stop using these models and celebrities as the poster-women for their movement. I honestly find this problematic when I find so much heated debate across the world and social media around public breastfeeding and what society is comfortable with and what is deemed indecent.

As a mother, the one thing that is preached about is BREAST is BEST from the moment you tell people you are expecting. Yes there are breast pumps and yes there are plenty of spaces where I can be hidden nursing my little one in a corner; but what kind of life is it where mothers are expected to do what is natural and healthy in the shadows.

So today is a tad risqué (…roll with me here). I don’t like bras. I mean they’re alright but I just would rather not know! am a real team mafisi, I hate padding and I don’t know why anyone really likes it, but if you feel good with it then by all means keep doing what you’re doing sister. I have fairly cool judgment on boobs (calm down I didn’t strip) and I don’t want them to look any bigger because they are  small boobs are just so much more convenient when trying to get dressed because tops/dresses etc don’t just hang off your chest making you look 2 sizes larger than you are; I’m sure all C+ girls can relate with me here.bra

I am all about the bralette and a laces one speaks volumes in my eyes, really I’m just being honest as a character.  It become a thing and I love seeing women who just don’t care anymore and wearing something that’s a) cuter and b) comfier c)or wearing nothing at all. Plus they look so cute under tops and jumpers. Imagine she never wore a bra…she just didn’t even when she takes her bra off through her armhole…it’s all an act. Let’s support the boob liberation because at the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to wear one if you don’t want to, and when you don’t wear one, or even if your nipples make an unexpected appearance, you shouldn’t be subjected to jeers, leering or outright horror…it’s just skin and fat really isn’t it.

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