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My Love of Chocolate, Why Women Crave as Well?

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Thank you, it’s not my usual way of starting my blogs but for my love of chocolate, for your readiness to be there for me, for being a good friend in my darkest moments and for always, always being so sweet. I had to…..

I have received you as a gift, I have bought you into my life as a gift to myself and you have become mine, even when you were intended for another, I cannot resists you to be part of me, you are the sweetest part of my life. You make me happy in so many ways; you are sweeter than wine and luscious as you melt in my mouth like nothing else in this world.

A true friend you are, have never heard you talk back to me and never cares if my tables manner are not in order as I talk to you. You never judge me, or ashamed me with words or actions all you do is sooth my tongue as I close my eyes.

ChocolateIn all weathers I can have you and in all shapes I can get you, totally consumable – melted, baked, molded in a bar, frozen in ice cream, wrapped around fruit, yummy you are. My best friend during “that time”. Yes, you stand beside me at my worst, without reminding me that am gaining weight. Thank you!

You are a boost of caffeine that is much more satisfying than a cup of coffee, unless you are ingredient in that cup of coffee. You change every single moments of my life. I can’t say that about anything else in this world.

Unwrapping your cover in need of a taste. I’m a chocolate fan. With an appetite for you, see its just miserable me with an addiction to sweets, the taste emancipates me, juices of your taste stays with my teeth and tongue the roots to my mouth covered with  your delicate treats. My heart races love in every beat, finger slithering from the chocolate frenzy. How many licks does it take to get my favourite shake, round and round up and down I wish I could savor drips of you.

I had the thought of chocolate as compared to the sweetest things in life and the hair at the back of my head stood up. I kept thinking and asking myself for how I have forgotten the dark rich taste of dark chocolate. The one that makes us feel good and loved, emotionally stable, and calm at time make us feel enthusiastic and powerful.

So is chocolate as good for you as romance? Not quite. I suggest you develop a heartfelt relationship with both yourself and others as the main source of food for your wholeness and good-feeling. Add an exercise program to that and you’ll also find yourself feeling powerful. Then, from time to time, have a nibble of chocolate as a little add-on luxury.

Chocolate 1Our love also grows as we extend it outward toward others. Sharing chocolate is one way of course, but simply allowing your eyes to rest with someone else’s eyes during moments of conversation is a wonderfully simple way to communicate and share feelings of love.

Before we blindly go for the box of chocolates, let’s be real for a moment and ask ourselves if we want to keep this occasional substitute for love within arms reach. Can we make some changes in our lives that encourage more of the real feelings of love? There’s so much to love, both within ourselves and those around us cold and needing, to be warm by sight and touch, thinking of nothing else but both of you.

There is such a variety of chocolates on the supermarket shelves to choose from that I am spoilt for choice. While I consider myself to be a firm and decisive person, I sometimes return from a shopping trip with several bars and boxes of different chocolate – bitter dark chocolate, milk chocolate with fruit and nuts and white chocolate. I love chocolates because I love how they melt in my mouth. The smooth texture has a heavenly feel to it and its aromatic smell is simply divine. It is hard to believe but having a bar of chocolate every day is like having a daily cup of coffee for others.

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