My Garden Is My Sanctuary, A Source of Inspiration.

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Life is messy. I think we can all agree. You’d like to keep all the separate activities—professional life, family, hobbies, friends, travel, people live cocooned in their little boxes, but it’s never easy. Things run together, things collide, especially in the age of social media. I take a look at my garden and i got inspired.

As I look out to my garden
I feel a sense of pride
In really it’s a lovely room
Except it is outside.

Where lovely things mix and match
And greenery fills the walls
The sound of trickling water
Coming from the gold fish pond.

I love the sight of stones and rocks
And driftwood and tree ferns too
The sounds of all my chimes
I know you would like it too.

With pride I walk around my garden
And savour each scent and smell
Colours of yellow, red and gold
Striped cushion on a bench.

The bird bath has its own domain
It’s placed beside a wooden arch
There all the birds come to bathe
And drink when they are parched.

Ladybirds can hide away
Sometimes they come out to see
What’s happening around them
With caterpillars and the bees.

There’s not much more that I can say
Except if you have your own
It won’t take long to build it up
Seeds will bloom once they are sown.

We are all in these Earth at a specific time, to a specific place and with a specific purpose. One thing that is not predetermined however, is your free will and choice.Life is full of choices. We all have free will, we are all in charge, to a certain extent, and we all have a say in how we want our life to unfold once we get here. Our choices are seen as our fate- we can choose which path to go down, we can choose which road to avoid and which road to pursue, but one thing that we cannot change is our destiny.

Our destiny is essentially to experience the unconditional love of the universe and often this takes many journeys, across many lifetimes and dimensions, in order to fully return to this energy, a path that only a very few can alter. All souls on Earth are here at different stages of their conscious evolution, some are towards the end and some have just begun, but either way we are all destined to be here.

Another good sign that you are following your highest path is when you seem to meet the right people at the right time who can offer you information, guidance and assistance when you are in doubt or wanting to learn. There is some debate over whether or not you can break your pattern in life. Some argue that everything you do is part of your contract, and others believe that you can wander off your chosen path. But was breaking your contract part of the deal? I don’t think it’s possible to really ever break your path, but there can be moments when your choices don’t always flow with your destiny. When this occurs you may experience confusion, negativity or even physical ailments, but remember all of this is sometimes necessary to help you naturally align with and move back into the flow.

My simple though and inspirations drawn practically from my garden make me believe that you can choose how to get to the top, you can choose which way you want to climb; each of these choices bringing about a completely different experience, but the destination will always be the same. Your mountain will continue to grow, shift and evolve as you do, but your purpose here in human form will always remain.

Living your life is not a race to see how fast you can get to the top, it’s not a necessary challenge to try to climb someone else’s mountain, the challenge is in being true to yourself, and climbing your mountain with ease and grace, excited by where the journey will take you and banking the memories to fire up when you need the motivations. Live your life.


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