Should I Delete My EX on Social Media, Team Mafisi Wonders

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It’s the weekend. The weather is literally perfect and the sun is rising. You have your warm coffee next to you. You’re checking your emails, feeling refreshed and ready to start your day, but you decide to check social media one last time before you close your computer and then you see it…

Your ex just posted a picture from last night with her friends and some guy in the background that you don’t know. You start to wonder who he is, if maybe that is why you are not together. You begin to question whether you were good enough in the relationship.social space

After a the heartless action of the light skins that have left the team mafisi fraternity in deeps hearts and frustration, it’s time that we put an end to that pain and agony, however this way of thinking is painful, I have been there. Let us jump right into the beef here, I love and hate social media during a breakup. Social media is fantastic about promoting the life you currently live, but it means that this ‘power’ intentionally or not can also be used against you.

Deleting your ex on social media is always something people debate on after ending a relationship. For me, I’ve always thought, like you, that it’s better NOT to. There is nothing more satisfying about moving on in spite of having them on FB or IG. Exes have deleted me on social media before and it only makes me think how much it affects them to see me, and that only means one thing. They still care too much. There’s nothing more hurtful than indifference, and deleting someone on social media is definitely letting them know how much you care.forever-2

What if the breakup was hard and even despite that difficulty you may still love each other and you haven’t gotten to a point where you’re ready see to them every day without those feelings coming up or potentially them seeing with another person without those feelings coming up. If you’re trying to heal and move on this is not helpful and it also doesn’t mean you don’t have control over emotions. It only means you’re protecting them.

In a situation where the ex was being totally avoidant, non-communicative and ghostly… I decided the best thing for my peace of mind was to delete him, followed by his mum, sister and most of his friends. I personally found it unhealthy having these guys come up in my news feed, tried the “un-follow” but it was as tempting as the cup cake to us newly single exercising folk, to not look at their profiles. I couldn’t do it. The wonderful thing it has pointed out though, without the social media, we never had a great deal of real face to face or phone conversation any way, well anything with any substance that is. That makes no sense, does it?social-media-ladies

If you give it some time and communication is not off the table and you’ve been able to deal with your feelings then maybe you can be FB friends but if not get rid of them. Who cares what your ex thinks even if you want them back. They’re your ex. Until you reconcile or even if you don’t. This is about you and your feelings. They might even respect that you don’t want to see them and you have the courage to do so.

In the midst of these feelings, we can suddenly find ourselves out of control, saying all sorts of horrible, undermining and nasty things that we never thought we’d say, and doing and all sorts of heinous, monstrous things we’d never thought we’d do. What better way to do everything you said during the few minutes you read this post than to delete them altogether?

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