Love, Lust, Deception, Dreams, Aspirations. What Characterised our 2016 ?

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Mental penetration, Intimate concentration, Intellectual conversations our souls are in tune with our thoughts racing, we’ve taken our connection to another divine state we don’t want this year to end, the way it started, In a cool but slow pace with only a few clicks on our fb web page and a few followers on twitter, but later things picked up, I could have your heart for a weekend as you kept me busy thinking what the next punch line will be. But I really want this for a lifetime the passion you give is my timeline we both constantly searched for each other thinking of true love and affection, yet ended up falling for the lust and deception, the true characters of our inner-self’s kept the promise going , you did not neglect me and I thank you for that, these showed me that the art of what love making is with the promise to make me yours this time so once again we can be deep inside.

This factory in my mind, I swear it takes no breaks, my heart wanders back in time and all those old feelings awaken the memories in my mind and it’s as if it was only yesterday. Dreams are lit every night you wouldn’t believe the things the mind creates when your hands and legs lie like they will in the morgue. Who should I share these dreams with, is everyone within my reach, I swear one night these seemed so real and only after my stressing alarm that I realised that life is more hard if you never visualized it, it’s the only morning that I ever thought, “what can one do to follow him dreams” as the famous philanthropists keep pushing us to follow them.

We both been waiting for these I can’t keep my hands off of you, not having intentions to fall asleep before I finish the article still thinking of the Intimacy in the dark is one hell of a distracting thought, Thinking of it is a passionate art when there’s a connection at heart covered in hickeys, scratches, and visible bite marks the morning after just keeps reminding me how extremely smart people can get in the dark not missing the small points that light up the fire.

Though we kept dreaming there are some that will never dim, some roads that have no end, and some stories will live on forever, with some past griefing stories of our life’s which are painful and discouraging, one should never loose the grimp to strive hard and make the best out of the future. They should be our source of inspiration to pick up from and start or continue with a new positive attitude of making it in life. Life is not about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself to become the best person you want to be.

As we approach the New Year having thrown away our resolutions to the bin in the last article, it is in order to note that winners never quit and quitters never win…. So go full hardcore on your dreams, pursue it, You will be mocked and laughed at just like any other successful person, you will be judged by the foolish few people who think they got it all figured out, who go to bed and wake up in the same sense of fear and uncertainty, they try to shut it all down when they get the paycheck, and it comes back all over again.

Sometimes, it catches me by surprise the way my heart will ache as I recall your voice saying time and again that you will make it. You will be treated unfairly and discriminated against, the conditional lovers will show their true colours, they maybe your family members, friends, or even school mates. Do not try to shut them up, don’t waste precious energy, plan and make your way out , leave them for good it will seem intimidating , you will want to quit, but something inside you will keep you going, it won’t settle for less. Apart of you doesn’t want play not to lose, it wants to win. It doesn’t want to live in survival, but in victory and adventure. Embrace it and always say to yourself, I can make it, I will do it and I have to do it. One must live their own dream and never deprive the world of the knowledge, power, abilities that they are blessed with… As you wide up the year in merry making, My wish for you all…..May Live a long life and prosper.

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