Love Knows no Distance, Kimberly Visits Team Mafisi From Baltimore.

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I walked into the bedroom and I saw her standing in front of the mirror.  We’re getting ready to go meet our friends for a dinner movie.  Kimberly are you ready I asked, as she still looks at her reflection in the mirror.  She pulled up her shirt to reveal her pregnant belly.  I looked at her as she bent her head at her tummy, it must be growing fast in the last four months.  “If I ask you something will you be honest.” she ask me not taking her eyes off the mirror.  “Of course. I mean as long as it’s not would I rather be watching Thursday night football instead of seeing the “Perfect Guy.”  I said to her jokingly.  “Are you still attracted to me?  I mean look at how big I’ve gotten and it’s only been four months.  My cousin wasn’t able to lose the weight after she had her first kid.  I worry that the same thing will happen to me.  I feel fat and ugly right now.”   I look at her and I see her eyes begin to tear up.kimberly-2I come behind her and hug her from the back.  I give her a kiss on the cheek and I look at her through the mirror as we both stand in front of it.  “Kimberly, let me tell you something.  I think you are more beautiful than the day we met. You know what makes you even more beautiful?”  My hands grab her butt. “It’s not this butt that I love to grab and hold.”  My hands moved to her chest.  “It’s not your breast that I love to squeeze and taste.”  My hands move to her pregnant stomach and I rub it.  “It’s this right here that makes you beautiful.

Kimberly life is beautiful and what you have in there is life.  Do you know what that life represents?  It’s a living testimony to our love.  The life that grows within will keep us bond for the rest of our lives.  The life that grows in your stomach is a union between us.  Our love came together and created this life.  To me there is nothing on this earth more beautiful than that, she looked at me with me tears in her eyes.  As I wiped them away I kiss her deeply. People wonder how we do it.  They ask me all the time “How?”  I have to be honest it not as difficult as they make it seem.  They wonder how I can love you from afar.  How we can be in different cities and love each other the way we do?  How can we not be able to see each other every day and our bond is just as strong?  I have to be honest for me the answer is easy.  The answer is simple, it’s you. You make it easy.

kimberly-1I will be honest there are some days I wish I could drive to your place to see you.  I wish I could hold you every night.  There are some nights I yearn for your touch.  How I wish I could kiss your lips.  Yes there are times that I do wish you were near me but at the same time that doesn’t stop me from loving you.  Just because we aren’t in the same area doesn’t mean I can’t look at your pictures when I miss you.  Honestly I do that a lot.  Some nights before I go to sleep I look at the most recent picture you sent to me.  You know what else I did?  I put your picture on my alarm.  So when my alarm goes off in the morning your picture is what I see.  That way your face is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.  As if you’re laying beside me.  Sometimes when I know you’re sleep I send you a text message, so when you wake up in the morning you will know I was thinking about you.

When you love someone you will find away. People ask why not find someone who stays close to me.  Why not find someone who I can see when ever I want to?  The thing is I could do that but that someone wouldn’t be you.  What I tell them is I don’t want someone, I want her.  Her location doesn’t make me love her any less.  I would love her if she was in Thika, I would love her if she’s in Mombasa, I would love her if she was in New York, I would love her if she was in Columbus.  The important thing that people seem to be missing is that I love her.  I don’t know why they can’t see it.   I’m not a religious person but I am spiritual.  See some people ask how can I trust someone that lives in another city?  How do I know they’re being faithful?  As I said before I am more spiritual than religious and I would compare the situation to that.nice-couple-4

Love involves you going out on a limb putting blind faith into someone.  Love involves trusting someone with your heart and to be honest you will never be 100 percent sure.  Sure I could be hurt by this person but I’ve been hurt by a woman who stayed two blocks away from me.  Hell I’ve been lied to and cheat on by a woman who laid in the same bed as me.  Location doesn’t mean shit.  People are going to do what they want to do.  If they want to cheat they will cheat.  If they want to be faithful they will be faithful.  It’s all about what they want to do.Me I’m no different.  I am going to do what I want to do.  All I want to do is love you.  I don’t care where you’re at.  I don’t care where I am at.  Love knows no distance.

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