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Koffi Olominde Is Deported, Team Mafisi Suffer a Big Blow.

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Koffi Olomode the famous Congolese musician knows for his glamorous outfits had to deal with the tough laws of the East African nation Kenya after reported kicking one of the dancers.  A group of by stander who were taking selfies with the famous celeb took the shot and uploaded it on the social media, with the clear message that  his actions did not reflect a good behaviour,
From a social media facebook “So now he knows,when in Kenya respect women. We have rights down here and we value women soooo much my guy. Pole but until you learn manners bye bye, kwaheri”Koffie 1
The celeb was sent back to his home country via a Kenya Airways flight that left the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) at 11:35am after he spent the night at the JKIA police cell. The flight was scheduled to touch down in Kinshasa shortly after 1pm. Olomide was arrested for assaulting a female dancer at JKIA upon his arrival in Kenya for a show that was scheduled for Saturday at the Bomas of Kenya. Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet ordered airport police to take action against Olomide after a video went viral on social media showing how the Congolese musician assaulted a his female dancer. Despite being caught on camera kicking the dancer only identified as Pamela, Olomide denied and insisted that he was protecting his crew from an unspecified person who was threatening their security.
The famous Congolese was barred from attending Papa Wemba’s funeral, in the yester years after they differed following Koffi’s departure from Viva La Musica to form Quartier Latin in 1986. The singer also made headlines after he reportedly slapped a DRC journalist for asking ‘personal questions’ regarding controversies surrounding his life. Koffi recently struggled to make funeral arrangements for his father, Charles Agbepa Mumba, who died in a Paris hospital, owing to the fact that for years Europe and in particular France has remained a no-go zone for him.
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This follows three counts of rape and illegal confinement filed against him by three former backup dancers in 2006 and 2008. According to reports one of the plaintiffs was a minor at the time of the alleged sexual assault. Koffi, who is among the musicians perceived to be allied to the Kabila government, faced protests by opposition activists based in European cities every time he visited for a performance.

The member of the team Mafisi started crying foul of the situation as they lamented of having bought the costly tickets of the show. Some were even very unhappy of the fact the the singer had a free visit to Kenyan cells where the people had not paid to see him.
Member of the Mafisi team had bought new outfits to make sure they celebrated the singer in the best way possible but were heart broken after news flash confirmed that the singer will be landing ti Kinshasa before 1:00 pm today.

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