It’s Time Kenyans Sober Up From Political Sycophancy.

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As a country we are just about to mark 10 years since the 07-08 post-election violence that left behind scars in our society, no matter the magnitude of such I feel that we might be headed to the very same beginning. I’ve not relapsed with a drink or a puff but the political events of our country this year have so far intensified, I can longer ignore it. Nor do I want to. I am definitely sick and bloated by the political sycophancy of our liberal moderate society.

Beyond the country’s internal politics, it is impossible to underscore the impact of external or foreign influences on a country such as Kenya. Whether driven by regional, military, resource, business or economic interests. Some perhaps even steaming from specific post-colonial actions, rules or party sections that continue to have an edge over the affairs of the country. It is also a fact that our beloved country can find itself pulled in so many different directions based on all these interests. In most cases such influences are known to support and even fund specific factions or individuals that they deem favourable to those interests.

Whereas fueling conflict is one strategy that is used providing the edge towards installing political candidates of choice or creating the opportunity to re-position, protect or recover interests. Both in the short and long term, our country might be left economically, socially and politically disenfranchised within itself and externally too. Such a dependent country in the African continent is not a jewel in the world at large, we’ve all seen the terrible war in Libya and how key international institutions and communities have since distanced themselves from it.

Let no politician cheat you. No not again. Am sure that no one of our time knows the price of or cost of peace. People are hovering in the streets shouting some shallow slogans, could they be bearing any meaning to them or is it just to energise them, at this moment I care less whether its tibim,.. tialala,.. tukopamoja or tanotena,.. All I wonder is, if anyone of us here knows the cost of losing that peace and freedom that we all claim the exercise every moment we troll each other with endless bitterness on social media and political gatherings. We all have endless examples around us, Syria, Somali, Libya our African icon, a neighbour who is still crying in regrets after killing her own leader Gadaffi, Rwanda which is till now on the healing process after the 1990 genocide.

The world all over is filled with examples that we would not want to degenerate to, Afghanistan may have been on its way to freedoms but today it’s a landmine of the never ending battle field, it gives as a hint, think about it for a moment, to this day. Do we still blow the wounds of 07 skirmishes?  Which compared to the beast we are dancing with right now was just a drop in the ocean. You will need about half a century to get back a country to the state it was before you destroyed it in only six months…

In times of war things don’t starting with jets bombarding the private citizen’s compounds but by a sequence of events and before you realize it’s all up in the flames. First within a few weeks, you will have no running water, followed by food sales rationing, electricity, the morgues will fill up in no time, no transport followed by communication blackout. Probably the media will be blacked out too and if u thought the dead dog by the roadside had a foul smell think again, thousands of human bodies lying everywhere. It will be a war to walk from homes to the shop if one will still exists, streets to schools, churches, temples and mosques. Do you have a son, a sister, or your ageing father back at home, your mum who believes she raised a reasonable person, trust me we haven’t experienced the cost of peace, before you foolishly roam the street carrying posters “who must go and who must remain”, think again. Even our self-centered politicians none has experienced the cost of peace, their fathers may have but not them, we can be like Libya quicker than your spit dries out of the soil, but where do you think our leaders will be by then? If you haven’t bought a home in Miami, a ranch in Texas or an island in Dubai. I feel sad when I see a young twisted mind throwing stones or chatting when fellow Kenyans are shot dead. Rock in hand, machete around our waist, shoulders back and beating the chest, try to think what it would cost you to get back your peace.

For many of those in my generation, most especially those in urban areas of Kenya, there was the belief that we had managed to overcome many of the tribal prejudices our parent’s generation were seen not to have fully overcome. Inter-marriage was no longer a foreign concept. Then the 2007 post-election violence happened. The hate and animosity that followed then and thereafter, was recreated in measures that none of us ever thought possible. Whereas the country had experienced incidences of ethnic clashes in previous years, these were mostly confined within regions. Even these were politically instigated and nonetheless unjustified. But the 2007 post-election violence seemed more of a deliberate and orchestrated plan towards pitting the whole country against itself along ethnic and tribal lines. It is efforts that created deep divisions within the country, much of which the country continues to struggle out.

The moment you will see boots and guns in your home compound, by then you will be accustomed to the sound of gunfire and cries of agony horror and sorrow, the moment you realize that you could survive a week without a simple meal, trust me It will be too late. But who care that right now? Am I just having illusions and nightmares in my mind? It’s not too late we can avoid all that from happening. You are a NASA diehard and am Pro Jubilee but that ends there, the political conspiracies being played by the so called political “fathers” have us nowhere in their agenda besides being used in propelling chaos and violence which is the bridge to their illusionary paradise. For a moment, clear your mind for a fresh thought, what would you be doing if it wasn’t an election year?

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