The Irresistible Curves, Team Mafisi Celebrates The African Girl.

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I had the pleasure of meeting with the chairman Team Mafisi after a dinner party which celebrated a recent launch of the MafisiNews, the co-creators of website mafisinews.com, based here in Nairobi. Though otherwise our paths might not have crossed, I am happy to have had the opportunity to meet them. As I would soon discover, they are truly dedicated to helping women and, by extension, the greater community.

It is in there own words that I leant the importance of celebrating the girl child. The future of all our culture the path through which genes and customs are passed down from our fore fathers to the future, I also note that it is through the girl child that the world views a society by and large. Having been brought up in here where the well proportioned woman will leave us crazy, breaking our necks as they pass by, I therefore can’t be left behind in celebration of the girl child.african-woman-3

In the eyes of my fellow comrade’s team mafisi I do appreciate the girl child. We strive to empower women to be pro-active around their bodies and sexual health. If women are encouraged to embrace their bodies and sexuality, then there is the opportunity to create intimacy with a partner, and loving, honest relationships with themselves, their families and their communities, an important factor that keep the society energized and ready to face the unpredictable future.

When I came across the African girl, it was as if i had found a hidden cache of forbidden fruit. The warmth in their heart is overpowering leaving you with no space for anything else in your heart expect their love and peace. Knowing what it means to meet a full-bosomed girl in the streets of Nairobi it a story of another day. Though times have changed, and the media has brought the taboo into the mainstream, there are still many who are not totally comfortable with open sexuality. Actually, when was writing  these piece, I realized that a had to carry a lot trust in my brains not “tickle” if you will, with the thought of openly addressing sexual issues on the topic, but to make the African girl feel appreciated and needed in the society. I told them both that as I mature I find myself unable to resist the shapely Nairobi girl.african-woman-7

Keenly aware of the stigma and issues that still surround African women today, these two kind, well-educated with a feel of the vibe to create a safe, supportive and educational environment to facilitate women coming together to explore issues around their sexual health, and offer tools for personal growth and exploration, mind you am not drawing any judgments here. “We strive to build community by encouraging authentic, true expression, and allow for each woman to have her voice heard, smiles” a statements from a close team fisilet group. I have to attest, within minutes of being in their company; I found myself not only willing, but also really wanting to share. It beats logic that most cultures have found ways of address sexuality. Many indigenous cultures use ritual and ceremony where female elders educate young women and male elders educate young men around issues of sexuality and relationship.

I have somehow hated the fact that most of the modern society often favour boney models with a pretty face and emaciated exterior: the so-called perfect pageant contestant. But we at team mafisi have studied the true art of seduction, and trust us, skinny is far from salacious on this side of the spectrum. Like any intricate racetrack, the truly beautiful women in mafisi world have an abstract, even creative curvature, with a natural desire to please the camera, Leaving the others to diet to death to please the world.african-woman-2

A Nairobi girl explores her own sexuality and health thanks to team mafisi the opportunist who turns up against or odds, and encourages them with overwhelming appreciation. Women learn skills to connect with their bodies and breathe, and to move their vital/sexual energy in the safe confines of self confidence. Great skills, that will be used all along in their lives in these world of unfairness, and techniques. At these exploration classes the lesson will be enshrined in their dna to be passed down to generations.

Lessons of sensual massage oils, erotic products, toys and organic lubricants those are also available for purchase. As much as they enjoy these classes, because of the diverse groups of women that gather, Robin and Heather expressed a desire to have women host small private gatherings with their friends for a more intimate setting. “Initially we visualized women bringing us in for women’s groups, workshops, wedding showers, or birthday parties,” says Robin. Heather said though currently their groups are women only, she would love to have Feel the Vibe offer educational groups for men, lead by men.Photography

It has never been more fun than understating my simple vision, to create a safe, educational, sex-positive environment for our women. I believe that when women are nurturing their sexual health it allows both men and women to lead more vital and satisfying lives, offering the highest quality, eco-friendly, a satisfying life that men and women should live and the sun.

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