Hugs, Do Them Right, and You’ll Feel Warm and Fuzzy.

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Do them right, and you’ll feel warm and fuzzy. But do them wrong, and you could have everything from major awkwardness to a slap in your face. In the modern societies people have become so busy that they don’t have time to speed with even close friends, I can recall that about ten years back I used to have weekends free for any social thing that would come up, what about today? A busy fixed day time job followed by some errands here and there, sometime to jog to keep fit and finally a lot to read and write. 

The social media have taken us to another level where we send hugs and kisses with just a tap on a screen and we are almost forgetting how good we used to feel when friends and family embraces us for a few seconds. Today I wish to dedicate my day to the act of hugging, and those who believe in embracing one another for a better relationship are gearing up to share some long and loving hugs. Whether you believe in celebrating a day dedicated to hugs, or believe every day is worth sharing, you should know that there are a number of ways to hug.

A hug can convey a number of meanings. So, you should be aware of the message you are sending across while hugging. Although there are hundreds of meaning and reasons that people embrace each other, whether genuinely or by just being in the presence of some close circles. Hugs are one of the most satisfying things to other in terms of letting them know your care for them no matter what. Let’s have a looks at some common types of hugs, and what they mean.

Bear Hug

By the simple definition of it, it’s tight, strong, loving, breath taking embrace, that makes one feel safe It’s cuddly, its long, you can’t breathe, and it’s awesome, reassuring, and worth a million words. The Bear Hug is what people who love each other completely share. It’s the sort of hug you’ve been getting from your parents–an embrace that relieves you of stress and anxiety. If you share this type of a hug with someone, it means things are pretty serious, and you have deep feelings for them. Though at time it may seem rough or vigorous ending in tear between those who haven’t meet each for some time. It’s the best feeling ever.

Polite Hug

It’s one of the things that stir up conversation between closed societies and to some extent the open ones as well. The main reason it occurs between acquaintances and colleagues in the open. Is hugging generally awkward? Not for me, because I love hugging. However, I occasionally forget that some people are finicky about not wanting weird people to touch them. Like me. To prevent future snafus, you should be very open to accept such from circles around as rumours boiling up in the background  might be finding some smoking ground on it. To stranger (they have no personal relationships but are know each other generally) it’s given sideways, with only a partial upper-body contact. The lower body never comes in contact, indicating some discomfort or awkwardness. If you are giving or getting this sort of a hug from your date, it means that there is some distance in the relationship.

Intimate Hug

It’s really all about where the hands go. Some people say it’s about the time that you embrace for, but very good friends can hold each other tightly and shamelessly for long periods of time even if it is under friendly terms. People don’t have to hold one another for a long time for it to be a loving one. A close, full-body embrace, with eye contact–that’s what an Intimate Hug is. The eye contact takes this type of hug to a new level, because it is clearly about more than just physical touch. If you are experiencing hugs like these, it means you really have something special going on. It’s the connection of the two souls and elimination of the surroundings. Think of it you will always tell then lover hugs and embrace each other in front of you, yes. Because it’s more important to them at that particular moment, is them, the connection, the feelings and not you and your judgmental mindset.

Back Hug

A slightly creepy hug from behind, usually a surprise and always lasts too long. Another form of intimate hug, the Back Hug is a sign of trust, comfort and protection. It’s the sort that kids usually give their parents, and the parents reciprocate by carrying them around. If you are receiving a hug like this, it means someone literally has your back. And if you’re giving it to someone, it means you are willing to protect them from anything.

It’s also used in most occasion when two people are sharing special moments might be in private setting, kitchen trying to prepare some meals together or in a public places, like parks and by the beaches as people don’t turn heads and will always tend to think that by the time you are comfortable to hug like this you are already and family.

In my simple completion hugging, of course, takes place in many situations, from greetings and goodbyes to funeral condolences and congratulations to college grads. We certainly hug a lot. But who decides when it’s appropriate or not? Have you ever reached over to hug a non-relative, casual acquaintance, or colleague only to feel that you overstepped the boundaries but more importantly a hug may help someone who’s emotionally hurting, in which case it is much like the hug a parent would give a small child. The term “safe haven” refers to the ability of a hug to make someone feel cared for and understood.

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