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Hot Interview, Chairman Team Mafisi Fires.

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interveiwMr Chairman, is the  among the founder members and voice behind Team mafisi, an association by choice formed under the simplest law of the land, freedom of expression. The association explores shapes, sizes, complexities and tastes. It was enacted under the rule of the land sometimes back but I will need to revisit history for dates. Mr. Chairman shares his personal style, lifestyle tips, obsessions and travel adventures. His dreams of a life, where he will be able to enjoy the world with friends and enjoy the little things in life.

Mr Chairman gives tips on developing and managing an association. He gives some insight as to how long it takes to get followers “Team Mafisi”. But most of all never loose a chance on what you’re doing! Otherwise what’s the point?

Interview Questions

  1. Hi Chairman, Yourself, Who are you?

Hello, I am Chairman, a phd holder, in my late 30’s. I am originally from Greek but moved in the suburbs a couple of years ago. Since then I have lived in four different cities all around the country, including Mathare,  I have lived in South C & B for over 2 years but much more prefer living in Ngong or Rongai. I love traveling and living life to the fullest, like there is no tomorrow. I try to find happiness in the small things of life. The top of my favourite afternoon’s list is a long walk by the beach, barefoot, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, watching sunset, and off course with someone by my side.

  1. Team Mafisi, Inspiration?

We started the association sometimes back with other like minded comrades,  but at that time such formations were not very famous, so for us it was more like a hunting ground recap, for random thoughts and ideas. Looking for ways of communication with my family and friends. I wanted to show them how my life was, the places I was visiting and the friends that I made but without having to post my pictures on social media. Gradually, I influenced them to adventure and so they followed. I remember there were some days that I was so busy hunting and I did not have the time to call my bae. It has been fun.

  1. Describe your personality?

I don’t think that I have a particular personality since I wear what I like and that changes from time to time. I have a thing for colours and I love wearing demin. So you can say that my style is a unique mixture of multi coloured and romantic trends. Personally I follow the rule of the land.

  1. Members Uproar (previous statement)

A girl can never have enough ‘shoes’ they say and so I agree. My grandpa was a ‘shoe’ designer and producer so I believe it is in my genes. Every time a new one appear I tell myself that it is the last but, another one for the next 6 months but I always fail to keep my promise. Unfortunately I do not have a particular choice in my closet yet, but I can proudly say that I own more than 8.

  1. Do you do sampling of goods and features?

Before answering that question I would like to make clear that when I started that association it was never in my intention to get something in return, but since Team Mafisi has focused on my many gifts, i have been invited to many events. I do samples that have been next to me under every circumstance, when I have compliments from some expressing themselves. However, the best thing the amount of freebies I have received. I have a long story that cannot end today.mafisi Photo BB

  1. Rules when hunting, If any?

Wear as many “Skins” as you can get in the same heart. Coming from a greek land and moving to suburb has changed my style in a unique way. I have learned to bring the sun with me anywhere I go and that means that I wear colourful outfits that make me as happier as being to a sunny place. Also simplicity is another rule that I follow. I wear practical simple outfits that can get me throw the day and make me feel comfortable anywhere I go. Besides what’s the point of wearing high heels when you are to run all day from a metro station to another?

  1. Frustrations, if any?

Almost from everywhere! When it comes to shapes and figures, the one that catches my attention. My Frustration is mainly derived from moods. They get moody when you are almost there, I hope there will be moods pills soon.

  1. Family, for sure?

My grandfather was a great man and an inspiration to me. Though he left us, he was a living character. Beening with him was a timeless memory that I will be having and will never regret.

  1. Team mafisi, recent uproar?

At the beginning of my association and for the first few years I had only 3 followers, including myself. Then I asked my friends to follow but no one bothered them. Gradually other members found me on hunting grounds, started following me and asked me to follow them back, but soon enough I realised that this is not working for me I needed to establish my place in the association, then a defector group was formed, they are the causing uproar, not my previous statement.

  1. A word to the defector group?

Be true to your leaders. Don’t lie to them because sooner or later they will find out and you will lose all the work you have built. Always enclose or list the special items you have received and never mislead them. If a leader does not work for you, then simply do not fight or discredit him. It’s a shame to see some team mafisi claiming that they are very unfortunate to have me as chairman.

  1. Election, biggest challenge?

Nowadays there are so many team mafisi out there claiming to be the kings but this is not always the case. Having a big mouth doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a king as well. It takes a lot of effort, personal time and sacrifices to be a real team mafisi. So for me the biggest challenge is to distinguish myself.

  1. Five years from now?

That’s a very difficult question to answer. There are two answers that I have in my mind at the moment; either I will keep the chairmanship or I will leave the team due to age and nature, I haven’t seen many high school parents being team mafisi at the same time. However, I will try to do my best and keep chairmanship.

Mafisi Challeged

Thanks for this great interview chairman. It’s been really great connecting with Mr Chairman. I visited his office severally in order to schedule an interview and really loved the reception by the secretary.

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