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Hello World,,

Another dawn in the African capital where dreams will be shuttered and hope will be ultimate where the survival for the fittest is the only way to see tomorrow.


From Humble beginnings in the outskirts of the capital (Nairobi) i rushed thru the plains to get to class before the school bell rings 6:45 am. My memories are vivid 25 yrs ago the place was different, a school bus was a vocabulary that was on thought, on books and illustrated by drawings, “Hello children” they called the text book.

The education system was designed to produce the best but the platforms were never the same, rushed thru it the best memories are still buried in my teachers head. High school years passed like a four months, the rush was on. The final exams are around the corner at that time no one believed that the world ahead was tough rough road. “Study well make your future now” the teacher repeatedly barked the words but the  students never listened, they knew more than them.

After the final exams are announced the truth starts to settle down when friends you knew for long are no long gone. The results are milestone in life they either motivate you in life or demolish it.

If you have to catch up with life you have to be fit and tough as times will knock you down repeatedly with no mercy. Like the zebras you will have to feed well to be strong and fight for survival for days will come when mother nature will turn it’s wrath on you.

Performing arts was a dream that i never pursued after landing into IT field it was very fascinating to study and understand how computers worked. I wonder how many of us studied the windows 95 and MS dos and the basics of computer applications, Creating EXE files and when the mouse used a ball and rollers instead of light. It became my hobby taking my two years of my life i don’t regret it to date.

They said freedom is expensive but you will always think its free… the Landlord knocks the door every forty nights for those in the informal jobs. I hard to learn the best negotiation skills, if you don’t know, no one will believe and trust that you will pay them the house rent after dodging them for two months without paying.

After a number years i have my fingers on the keyboard again, It hasn’t changed much though its been a while i will try to keep up my speed.

My dream of performing arts will be inscribed on my blogs thus awakening a lost dream. As i sleep tonight i believe my dream will come to pass.

It might be a rocky ride down the hill but with hope i will always find the strength to wakeup look at my keyboard and find beautiful words to brighten your morning and inspire your future. You are my audience and when you smile to the screens the sun and moon above shines down on me.

Enjoy you time and be happy

Always remember “Do what you love & Love what you do.

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