Fighting My Own Thoughts.

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It seems that my brain is empty again of clever ideas to blog about. The time is running out and I’m getting tired. These are thoughts that are going through my head right now. It’s the norm of a human brain and at times you can’t push it further.

I should be going to shop for my little refrigerator which is pushing me to sun bath in the hot summer heat while running to the grocery, but I still need to write my blog post. I’m almost done with my blog every weekend for a year challenge and it would be sad to give up now. In just a few months I’ll be done and I can feel proud of myself. I know that getting ideas to write about is not easy and am talking from experience, but most of the ones I found weren’t that inspiring. I’ll just stick to whatever my brain comes up with. I tried listening to uplifting music to get inspired.

I will finally write a great blog when you’re trying to convince myself that, you are amazing and you can do anything. Well, cute or not, I didn’t give me too much inspiration tonight, but am sure I will inspire you tomorrow if I don’t yesterday. A while ago on where I get ideas for blogging and I thought I’d find some sort of inspiration from there. Number seven on the list is to ask help from friends and family.  I asked my brothers and sisters for ideas and he said: “Write about Coca Cola and Pepsi!” I swear my brother is really smart, but there’s a reason why he doesn’t have a blog of his own. Most of his ideas are extremely silly and instead of giving me real inspiration the ideas just makes me laugh. Laughing is good of course it helps me relax a bit.

I also asked my sister to give me ideas for my post. All she came up with was Filofaxes and why they’re so great. I purchased a Filofax calendar over the summer and my sister has slowly grown a little envious over it and she now wants her own. We were in the middle of a discussion of which kind of Filofax she should when she realised I should probably be going to grocery soon. I simply said: “I can’t! I haven’t blogged yet. I don’t know what to write about”. And she naturally comes up with Filofaxes.

I wasn’t overly inspired on that topic either, but I must say that I’m still quite in love with my Filofax. My sister did give me a few other ideas, but they were more over to a ‘not interesting blogs’ sort of category and I think I don’t want to do those for the now. I would much rather have something real to write about than just sharing a video. I’m not sure if these random thoughts are any better, but at least I’m having sort of fun writing down things from the top of my head.

It’s like two different blog-consciousnesses are sitting on each shoulder debating on what I should do. The other one wants to blog for the rest of the year just because it wants to be able to say it blogged for the whole year of 2016. Then again the other consciousness just misses books and wishes there would be more time to read, even though it likes blogging, it really wants to read more.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy enough to cut down some days from my blogging schedule after some times when I get rid of the political blog which am thinking of dropping soon. A year of weekly blogging for a total two years with a pretty bland life is already a huge accomplishment, right?

That’s all the thoughts I have today. Enjoy the weekend

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