I Cheated On My Ex- Can Women Admit Cheating?

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I once cheated my only match, with my now ex- fiance with another man which led to the end of my relationship of 3 years. The reasons as to what lead to these are not clear in my mind. Have tried looking for information online about what makes women cheat, whether it’s emotionally, physically or both. But almost every article on the internet is a complete opposite of it all ‘husband cheating’ as opposed to ‘wife/girlfriend cheating’.

Lonely 3I am particularly happy that my earlier relationship had ended and it was over long before this happened. I was too much of coward to leave, choosing safety instead of gathering up the strength to let go, leaving him with the only option to opt-out.

My cheating can never be justified, nor can what I did be? I have learnt a lot about what makes a person cheat since then read a lot testimonials and life experiences from friends and peers, so while I do not condone cheating, I don’t condemn it either. I was in a controlling, bordering-on-emotionally abusive relationship for at least two of the three years we were together. This was until one day when his controlling became just that much, too far and something snapped in me. It was my light bulb moment.

I knew then that I had to consider getting out of the relationship even if i did choose ultimately to hang around but indulge in the emotional affair. I read that some women cheat because they feel alone, unloved, unappreciated, and that they also use the affair as a sort of cushion to soften the pain of leaving/being left in a relationship/marriage.

Sexy young woman sitting alone in bedroom

Sexy young woman sitting alone in bedroom

I do think it may be all those things, or it could simply be because they have tried everything to make your partner understand your concerns and needs, and you begged and pleaded but they simply don’t get it. This is especially so in an emotionally abusive relationship.

What makes women cheat? And why do some women whose relationships end as a result of the affair emerge stronger, seemingly more sane and confident? Why is it that a woman sometimes has to have an affair to realize that she’s been treated badly by her current partner and deserves better? Whether that better is from the person she had the affair with or from someone else?

Lonely 4I wonder how women who have been in similar situations have dealt with this. Can we start talking about women having an affair and not feel judged and condemned as a result?

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