Team Mafisi Can’t We Respect “her” Boundaries on the Social Space.

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On acknowledgment, remember every team fisilet is different and these are only general guidelines not rules guaranteed to get you a favourable response. If she doesn’t like your message and responds negatively, either apologise and shut up, or just shut up. Don’t insult her and don’t pester her. Even if you thought you were being polite, respect her boundaries. If you think she was unnecessarily rude, remember she probably receives a lot of disrespectful messages and patience is not a virtue to all, tolerance may be low, and so just let it go.

Don’t ever, ever be less than favourable about her or any part of her body. Compliments only, although remember she is under no obligation to be flattered or grateful. You’re entitled to your opinion, but she’s entitled to not be interested in it. She isn’t necessarily looking for attention and she may just be posting her selfie for herself or for other women.social-media-ladies

It might sound creepy but scavenge through her archives and see how she responds to others. You should be able to get an idea of what kind of messages she likes and what she doesn’t. Don’t ask her something she gets asked all the time, or say something she’s clearly not comfortable with. Don’t just assume she wants to hear what you have to say.

Be brief. A simple “hi, I just wanted to say you’re really gorgeous and I love your punch line, it’s quite unique” or something is usually fine. Don’t send a lengthy message about your detailed fantasy of what you want to do to her, don’t reblog her pictures with captions, unless she’s asked to hear that kind of thing. By all means keep your fantasies to yourself. She doesn’t need to hear it. Never send her pictures of your ugly member unless she’s asked to see it. Don’t ask a stranger if she wants to see. If you’ve been talking a while and she’s being friendly, then maybe ask politely but if she says no, apologise and accept it gracefully.social space

Never demand things, be it more pictures, snapchat/kik, whatever. Ask politely, say please and thank you, and tell her you appreciate what she already shares. “u got kik” is not a polite message. “Hi, I love your pictures, I was just wondering if you had kik and if you’d like to chat some time. Thanks :)” is much better. Try and use correct spelling/grammar and use spell-check if you need to. The odd spelling mistake or typo isn’t the end of the world in an otherwise thoughtful and polite message, but a lazily typed message is just rude.

She may not be comfortable receiving sexualising comments or having her picture on a censored blog next to explicit pictures. Similarly, if it’s not a clearly intentionally sexual photo and her social handles are not sexual, don’t say anything and don’t reblog to your dirty pages. I love hearing your comments over here on my mafisinews.com page, but it pisses me off to get sexualising comments on my non-sexual pictures on my personal social networking profiles. Context is really important. social-media

Please feel free to share and exercise your freedom of the social space with your thoughts without hurting others, and add anything you think I’ve missed. If you think anything I’ve said is problematic or wrong please let me know. If she is a ghost worker in the darkness, you still need to be polite and respectful. I think this goes without saying. Still say thank you and be appreciative of the service she is providing. Show your appreciation. If you can’t afford to, then at least be grateful for what others share…….

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