Before Us are Dreams, But Behind us Are Memories.

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Authenticity, humility and comparison, These are the characteristics that I strive to embody and look for in the people that I surround myself with, This is part of a thought the I hold dearly deep down my heart, I remember back in high school when I used to choose friends in reference to what kind of game they play or what kind of music they associated themselves with. But then I hadn’t defined well my core values and my strategy in life, thou it was fantastic way start a simple life.

One thing the most important to consider when choosing a life partner is someone who can lovingly guide you if you fall off your core values wagon, With you and her there is neither you nor her, but a mixture of both,  you compliment each while completing one another, while at the same time not undermining your biodiversities.memories-2

It is for these reasons that I find my heart wandering back in time and all those old feelings awaken the memories in my mind and it’s as if it was only yesterday, when love was pure as honey pure as silk, like morning dew when things were never complicated as they are today, I love today’s technology in a big positive way but can we keep the kind of friendship we used to keep back in the dark age, when you kissed  for a reason and waited tirelessly for a hand written letter to arrive by post marking the calendar everyday that passed by, as opposed to the day to day where information is on your fingertips and can be used to fool you out as well.

Thou there are those moments that will never dim, some roads that have no end and some stories will live on forever. With some past briefing stories of our life’s which are painful and discouraging, one should never loose the grip to strive hard and make the best out of the future. They should be our source of inspiration to pick up from and steer ahead or continue with a new positive attitude of loving life.  Life isn’t about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself to become the best person you want to be.

I remember those days when every inch of me and each inch of you we held on to each other as if space would make us part I laid my head upon your chest and listened to your heart when your fingers combed my hair and whispers promised secret thoughts when we looked into each other’s eyes and felt that we were lost when I tasted your sweat and the salt inside your tears when you cut my hair and said you’d keep a lock for later years when we felt the warmth and tension of our skin when making love when the slightest touch would send a shiver to the core of us when we looked at one another and we thought each others thoughts in that moment in that time when we were one we were in love.memories-3

In the days we were mocked and laughed at just like any other successful person, judged by foolish people who think they got it all figured out, who go to bed and wake up in the same sense of fear and uncertain, they try to shut it all down when they get the paycheck, and it comes back all over again. You will be treated unfairly and discriminated against, the conditional lovers will show their true colors, they maybe your family members, friends, or even school mates.

Sometimes, it catches me by surprise the way my heart will ache as I recall your voice, your kindness the smile on your face and I wonder how life might be if we were still together. Would we have kept our Promises? Would we be happy? Would we have made it to forever? I may never know the answers to these questions but I know this much is true: No matter how much time passes I will always love you.

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