An Open Letter to KFCB Boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua.

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Dear Sir


I have come to a conclusion that you either ignorant, arrogant, rhetoric us or just don’t care about us. I recently pointed out a picture on one of the main stream media daily’s front page, checking if such photos were allowed to be published in this holier than thou country that you seems to sanitize. Instead of you replying to me, you blocked me, you failed in your mandate of officially explain to me the acceptable standards of publications. I was saddened by your actions not because you failed in giving me answers but I couldn’t find your leadership, any leader who doesn’t accept criticism and doesn’t entertain critics is not a good leader.

Worse still I had to follow you from another account, which I will not disclose to you for now as I know you don’t entertain critics. It’s on this that I found stranger things that you twitted including the one addressed to one judicial president DK Maraga. You questioned in deep, the meaning of a statue outside the high court of Kenya.  Referencing to his religious states, for once I thought it was joke but then I released that you went ahead to even update us with your credentials. Am still worried that even after all those years in the media industry you can even ask such questions. I find it worrying for I can only conclude that you are not at peace with yourself.

Great leadership starts with the philosophy that human beings are the most valuable, beautiful, and ingenuous creatures on the planet. Because of this, human beings are worthy of honour. As soon as you start valuing a person based on their views, race, colour, political affiliation, or social status, your philosophy suffers and so does your leadership, respect at least is the most basic thing you can afford to your fellow countrymen. Whatever you are practicing now in Kenya is a fine example of poor leadership, we can’t have a board that jails citizens, for pointing out the vices of the society for them to be exposed and be dealt with. Tomorrow your royal foot soldiers will be knocking on my doors just to try and silence my voice and am sure it won’t be long before they release that the same voice they are trying to silence is the same that could save them.

Am very sure that both sides have shown tremendous dishonour for one another, the government and the bloggers. No one expects everyone to agree on the issues, and that’s the beauty of a constitutional republic. You can disagree on how to protect the people’s freedoms visa vie the people’s rights but as long as both sides honour each other they can work together to find balance. Your agency has turned to be draconian one, and I cannot see its future in the current digital age. You will jail us and try to silence us but am sure neither you nor me will live longer than a country.  We expect our leaders to protect us. We expect them to show us the way. We expect them to teach us how to lead ourselves. But you have continually attacked and dishonoured us. To me you’re aimed at protecting the corrupt few for we can no longer expose their deeds without you knocking at our doors.

Winning these battles to me has become more important than any other thing, the dignity of human life. Your selfish leadership philosophy has hurt your people. It has limited their creativity, earnings, jobs creation, health, and motivation. Stop Banning. Stop blaming. Stop degrading. Stop ruining. Take a hard look at your philosophy and decide to change. Nothing is more valuable than human life. Take care of people and progress and profit will take care of itself.

Finally I would like you to know that my voice will not be silenced, for I fight with a purpose and my fights are all to the very same corrupt leaders out there who dishonoured people by putting their selfish agendas before the service of people. The businessmen who put money ahead of the people who work for them. The nonprofit leader who puts their prestige ahead of those they serve. The coaches who make the game about them instead of their players. The school administrators who play politics to protect their job instead of doing what’s best for their children.

In the last few months, the country has witnessed eruption of a number of egregious events, thanks to an active media eagerly tracking malfeasance. There are, at present, several loud and outraged voices, in the public domain, clamouring on these issues which have deeply hurt the nation. I do not wish to add to the confusion by joining that debate. But what am deeply worried about is not to allow Kenyans a huge growth potential and poverty alleviation challenges to be diluted or digressed from, and which would be a great loss, especially to the poor and the dispossessed.   Our aim is to try and rise above the present clamour and seek a more confident and purposeful content creation. As concerned citizens, who have full confidence in the country’s ability to reach its social and economic development potential, and who have a deep and abiding faith in Kenya’s prospects for a vibrant, pluralist and successful democracy what do we do?

I know and I don’t write this because I’m perfect. I’m fighting to be the best I can be and I screw up every day. I write this because I need this as much as everyone else. I also write this because I’m tired of seeing people down by corrupt leaders. I cant suffer in silence anymore. Our people deserve the best and whether you like it not the good news is “we are the change and we shall raise above”.

Your Mafisi News.

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