An Open Letter to @DKMaraga Corruption is Crippling Back Bigger.

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Those who are waiting for God Almighty to save this country, I am sorry He is a Spirit and uses people to carry his mission. Refer to Propthet Moses, Gideon, Queen Esther, Samson, King David just a few to mention. They were used by God to deliver his people. Those who are waiting for president to save this country, I am sorry he told you he has given you power to arrest to corrupt. Those who are waiting for members of parliament to save this country, I am sorry we have already paid for their bread and butter.

The problem of the Kenyan common man is not with the leadership. Even if we import Obama having finished his term in USA, it won’t work for us. Even Magufuli or pray for Mandela to rise again, we will still languish in the same soup of problems as before. We the people of this beloved country, we are the problem. Our attitudes are the problem. Our apathy is the problem. Our yes “bwana unataka aje” syndrome is our weakness. Sorry to admit, the politicians only mirror the wants and attitudes of people. We are all corrupt and so, we get corrupt leaders. We are tribalistic we elect leaders on the basis of the tribes they come from.

Am sure by now most of you are about to cast their stones on me. But wait a minute, did I say we? Did I include myself in the equation?  Look, what did you expect when you voted for the TanoTena? What about the outstanding developments like properties on Riparian lands, world class stadium, gateway mall, new parliament etc, were they built by TanoTena leadership? When politicians know that ascending to power is dependent on tribal muscle, they’ll do all they can to fund and support that particular class alone and all times.

I beg your pardon Ladies and gentlemen; my letter today was for one @DKMaraga the president of the supreme court of Kenya and most probably the man who has almost the final say in many legal and judicial matter of this country. But in the recent past we have seen and heard of many unanswered questions and theories of how corruption is crippling back to the judicial systems through the back door biting ten times harder than before. I wish to refer to the Kibera court incidents where fines are paid through a private agent.

Dear Daktari from a borrowed leaf from one of you bench men, and I quote “We found an institution so frail in its structures; so thin on resources; so low on its confidence; so deficient in integrity; so weak in its public support that to have expected it to deliver justice was to be wildly optimistic.” we understand that you inherited an ailing donkey and we excepted that you will treat it to full recovery and then move on with the work.  The fight against the corruption host was on and moved with a good pace but where did you lose the track? Am sure that we have enough legal frameworks to deal with corruption but I know you know better that when a virus mutates it hits harder, that’s the case in our Judicial Systems now.

Dear Daktari, what we need now is a change of attitudes, a cultural transformation. If we voted in leaders purely on merit, ideologies, and ability to lead and transform our country and our constituencies, then the leaders would hate to be caught up in any scandal. But they know you don’t mind all you seek is handouts in return. They know the antidote to a bad reputation is greasing our hands with a few Kenya shillings and we’ll forget about their corruption scandals! This is the simplest interpretation I arrive to when I here statement being thrown around like “why hire a lawyer when you can buy the judge”

Dear Daktari, let’s fight the monsters within us before we go to the forests to hunt for ghosts. We need to resolve within ourselves not to engage in acts of corruption. Why do we still have payments being done in the judicial systems? Treasury should be solely responsible of collecting and redistribution of the taxes fees and fines that the only way we will separate the monies and human factor a simple way to kill corruption. As a country we are losing more than we would need to set-up an integrated system that would authenticate or rather proof a certain payment has been done to treasury.

Dear Daktari, Corruption has been the downfall of the Kenyan Government since independence. Corrupt public officials, ranking from the President to the simple civil servant, have stolen public property worth billions of shillings in form of land, money, buildings among others. In the early post-independence years, corruption scandals mostly plagued the Executive branches and Legislative branches. However, in the 1980s, corruption spread to the judiciary as the Executive and Legislative branches started exerting undue political influence over judges to gain favorable judgments. From then onwards, corruption became the only means through which the ordinary citizen would gain access to the justice system. We want to see an end to this.

To all Kenyans, our country’s resources are unmatched for they are robust in many ways, but corruption has always sent our labour to the drains so let’s stop giving out bribes to traffic police officers. It may be an inconvenience if we don’t, but for the love of our motherland, stop. I am not smart enough or perfect but when I sometimes compromise on the principles of corruption, I rise quickly and remember I need to stand up against corruption.

Let’s end corruption. Let’s start from within ourselves.

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