A Lady Writes the Final Letter To His Love (mafisi) Before Marriage.

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Dear My Love,

We have been best friends since we met, our encounter at the “all white party”, not the edgy silence wrapped in the chill of anger; nor the awkward silence of a first date in which the course of conversation ran out long before, was of great importance and becoming friends was an experience I can’t compare to any other. You and I both have had our struggles whether it’s   conflicts between us, financial stress, or simply not spending enough quality time together.

One thing I never take for granted is being able to run to your arms and feel comfort at the end of the day no matter what happened that day. But above all else trial after trial, we become stronger than before.

I thank life and circumstances that brought us, you into my life. As I wish to grow old with you and believe in fairy tales with you. You be my prince and I will gladly be your princess. Life has been completely amazing with you in it. One day without you makes me snap and realize I cannot live a single day without the love, comprehension, hugs, kisses, cuddles, memories, secrets, whispers, letters, smiles and laughs that we enjoy together.

Walk NairobiI know everyone makes mistakes and my worst mistake has been to bombard you with negative comments when you make a simple mistake. I’m sorry for being so hard on you sweetheart.

I love you, appreciate you and trust you. Our fingers laced together in the silence. We drove this way for a long time. For months, we have been waiting for this amazing opportunity to spend a few uninterrupted hours exploring one of our nation’s most beautiful treasures. Time, to reconnect, talk, reflect, connect. Connect we did, but in silence.

It had been so long since we had been alone together for any significant amount of time. Our hearts, minds and souls needed to decompress; to breathe. And what better place than this, with the pine trees tall in the sky and icy waters raging below. Oh, we would talk every now and then. Commenting on the wildlife or ideas for lunch or a random thought to float across our minds. But mostly we drove. And we listened. And we connected. A kiss stolen here and there, lots of contented sighs, it was a great way to reconnect in this life.

Lady Writter 1Did we have important things we really needed to discuss in the absence of our most demanding jobs? Absolutely, were there some important life decisions we probably should have broached again? Sure. But before we could communicate on anything deeper than surface level we just needed to be together. To be still and just…be together.

A week or two later we were blessed with a full night away to celebrate our anniversary. I’ll tell you, living away from loved one can be rough enough. It can be hard to find those times to get away and reconnect. So when I have a chance for a night we jumped at it without looking back.

My conscience has been convicting me about not respecting you like I should. A friend is helping me prepare myself to be the best wife I can be to you. Thank you for giving me the chance to enter your life and be the center of your world!

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