“A Hot Mess” Odinga Leave Us Alone.

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His blunted the charges of the Civil Rights and Political Power movements and eased the conscience of a nation that had just barely begun to reckon with the harshest contours of its history forged in political supremacism. It could have been so easy for the Insecure Nasa team to make fans blame Jubelee for the demise of ODM and Wiper in the troubled relationship, turning BABA into an opportunistic, scheming side-chick character. It could be the mind of a subtly sinister country-wrecker, seducing wannabe economy distributors, to sabotage an economy creating a dead end for the future.

In Raila’s mind Quote “In hindsight, I have nothing to be ashamed about; the political crest I created was just as valid as any of the other players even if I couldn’t claim to know for certain the foreign hands in my family backyard. But it wasn’t the last time I felt a tinge of inferiority. Earlier, when I was in college and met African immigrants or first-generation African-Nazis, I felt it again. The urge to liberate Africa from itself re surges from the back of my head almost causing a blackout on me. Adolf Hitler must have left something that I picked up in the Germany Universities, and here I am trying to understand how strong people like me fail.” Unquote.

I’ve since changed my point of view on that as well, since I don’t understand him better than he can understand himself, however, am comfortable now defining myself by my upbringing rather than by where my ancestors may have come from. The distinction between Democracy and Dictatorship has been expounded upon in recent years, on both a semantic level and, by extension, a cultural one. I know I’m not alone in wishing to identify as a Kenyan every five years. And I believe that every individual, and especially people of colour, who so often have their existences defined by the standards of a rich minority, should be able to identify as they see fit.

Despite my father’s efforts, however, my first in-depth encounters with Democracy and Dictatorships ran through a wide period of my life, having participated on democratic polls way back in 2002 I could say 15 years. The outcome never like expected but I moved on made peace with my neighbours without wanting to even know what side of the political divide they stood on. To me, people have such explicit connections to their cultures and more so tribes, home grounds accurately embody the term; they truly have access to both cultures. As someone who grew up with a much stronger sense of my tribe’s roots, and an understanding of African culture distilled primarily through a British sensibility, I feel as though the term African-Nazism doesn’t quite suit my identity

I was recently asked where I’m from again and again, multiple times, in entirely different contexts: while in metro for a ride to the beach. On one occasion, I struck up a friendly conversation with a young armed guard and aspiring engineer who stood watch within the gate of the luxuries property. I don’t see my preference for being called a Kenyan as a way of denying or distancing myself from my genetic African heritage. Rather, I believe it acknowledges the similarities that do extend to all Kenyan people, in spite of our differences as cultural people.  Having never lived in the land of my ancestors, I will never truly understand what it means to be Kenyan, Nigerian, or, more generally, African. It is unclear whether we will be able to discuss substantive issues regarding the administration and policies.”

I wish to give myself my first immersive understanding of an African Democracy, and I indeed feel that kinship’s are real with Africa. However it is fascinating to spend time discovering the country where the majority of the young population was not tribal, and to interact with such a wide range of social classes and cultures who knows how to deal with “a hot mess.”

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