6 Reasons Why Every Couple Should Travel Together Before Marriage.

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I have said it before and I will say it again. Before every couple settles down and gets married they should experience couples travel together for at least six months. And I don’t mean just going somewhere relaxing and being romantic. But I mean that you have to really travel together. You have to step outside your comfort zones together to see if you are going to go be able to go the distance.

While you are not married, you do know what 3+ years of married couples is like, being in that relationship. There is nothing that will strengthen, or break, those intimate bonds of a couple in love quicker than couples travel.

Travelling as a couple can be one of the most rewarding experiences of any couples lives. It can also be one of the greatest challenges you will ever face and thus the ability to complement and complete each other is put to test.Couple Travel

  1. Depending on Each Other.

Living out of each other’s back pockets for a few weeks or days on a foreign place can be tough work. You might not be able to speak the local language fluently which means that you often have only one another to talk to for a few days. Both of you travelling, being in hotel or motel and having to decide together on small issues can be very tough, mind you there is no escape and nowhere to hide if you fight.

  1. Knowing Each Other.

Getting to know one another during couples travel, you quickly learn what makes another person sick. You will learn a lot of life lessons while travelling as a couple and the ones that you stick to the most, are the one that keeps both sane. It is being able to spot those little changes in one another quickly before they get out of hand that will help you overcome much larger hurdles later in life.Happy-Couple 4

  1. Facing Your Fears

Facing your fears, we all have them. Whether it is a fear of heights or perhaps you suffer from claustrophobia, your partner can help you face those fears and overcome them. We think it helps us grow as individuals. But it also helps us grow as a couple. You learn how to comfort each other until you got back to the surface

  1. Being Vulnerable

Being stripped bare in front of someone you love is not the same as facing your fears. It is much worse than that. It is allowing someone to become so close to you that they see you at your most vulnerable. Couples travel will open up your most vulnerable sides. You have to dress down and dress up in front of each other.

Travelling as a couple is all about putting perspective on different events. While you may become vulnerable, sick, frightened or angry, being there for one another is what counts to get you both go through each situation. Because at the end of the day the good always outweighs the bad. You never have to think too hard to remember the good times.couple Travel 1

  1. Sharing Memories.

Sitting on a beach together watching the sunset. Drinking a coffee in a cute cafe in Paris or Snow balls fight in Canada. All of these experiences were made special because you do them together. They are treasured memories that you will share together forever. While the bad can always be a source of humor in the future.

  1. Building trust in Each Other

“I am so thankful because I will never forget how vulnerable I was and how she never exploited my vulnerability” It’s a statement that many can reckon with, In my opinion, if you can survive couples travel, you can survive anything. Including marriage. So head south and have fun….

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