5 Major Signs She Likes You & Would Love More Time With You.

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Men aren’t always champions of reading signs, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Women are confusing creatures – and sometimes it’s impossible to tell what she means, why she does what she does, or if any of what’s going on means she’s into you or she is just flowing with the currents.

All women are different, on the other hand, however signs one woman will show may not necessarily match the others but you can expect from another. I came up with a list that would help men to catch up but the rest is up to you.Couple Flirts

  1. Eye contact

When we like someone, we tend to make more eye contact, says That eye contact can be steady or it can be “shy” and “coquettish”. When this happens, we see someone we like, our eyes tend to relax as we look and that is how we differentiate from the stare we give when someone is suspicious to us, then when tend to squint more.  A biological test from one of the leading scientists proved that “Not only do we make more eye contact, when we like someone our pupils tend to dilate — the brain is literally letting in more light to that we can gather more information. Incidentally our pupils constrict when we are around people we don’t like.”

  1. Joining you Physically

This is the biggest form of connection between two people is done subconsciously it originates from a pure intention of ‘joining’ or ‘liking’ that person. It sends the message of possible trust or empathy or a sense of sameness. It is like she is identifying with you so closely and listening so intently that she has become one with you non verbally. As we get closer to those we like, our spatial needs diminish. Where normally we want people to get no closer than three feet in a social setting, we actually relax more around those we like as they get closer because that is exactly what we want.

Think of that tension we feel in an elevator or at an ATM machine when someone is too close goes away when we’re with someone we like. This is because part of courtship is the smelling and interpreting of pheromones that we all emit. So the person may subconsciously try to sniff you. It may be considered very primal but it is the basic biology of human connections.Couple Flirting

  1. Body positioning

Our body positioning is important and can indicate a growing comfort level, does she uncross her knees? Does she point her knees towards you? Is she leaning towards you or stepping closer to you? Or are her arms crossed in defensive mode? These might sound like small things, but they mean a lot, especially early on.

  1. Skin temperature/ body heat.

When we become interested in someone, our skin temperature will rise as blood rushes to the skin, making our lips full and our touch warm. That’s that awesome sexy flush women get when they are aroused, but it may cause individuals to have to ventilate. Women are more noticeably and may lift the hair away from the nape of the neck to cool off that area and may repeat this behavior.Young-couple-flirting-with-each-other

  1. Being Playful.

Women love to play with their hair, but pay attention to how and when they do this. It is often that women will touch or flick their hair when they are interested in a man who is nearby. There is some truth to this. Humans, all humans, have an orientation reflex that means that we orient on movement, for example in a crowded bar or restaurant, there is a sea of activity. To get attention the woman merely has to reach for her hair, that movement alone activates our orientation reflex, which is in a very primitive area of the brain responsible for survival and looking for threats. So just as men do things to show off, because it causes others to look at them, the simple act of hair touching gets attention.

It on a light note that I wish to say “Our attention spans are held longer when we are interested’, remember when you are enjoying something in the moment, you aren’t checking your phone, email or reading the news.

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