Ladies Tips You Should Know About Sex Before You Are 30.

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The Air has cleared most recently and we can now watch the 9 Oclock news at the peace and freedom of our living rooms without fear that another headline of a stolen “transformer” before it is fully utilized. However we might be victimized, we the “teammafisi”. I come across and proverb that says, “It takes two to do the sideways tango”, borrowed form the south American cultures where dancing zumba is necessity for every lady approaching the mingling stages. Having that in mind i wrote an easy that would be recomended to every lady of our age, to learn before getting 30.

Couple sleepingA man isn’t the key to your sexual freedom and clarity, he’s just a hunky, delicious piece of it. Regardless if you’re single, taken, or otherwise there are, vivacious, amazing woman should know about sex before she turns 30:

  • Ask for what you want in bed.

Bless his heart, as hard as he tries, your man can’t read your mind. If his bedroom moves aren’t getting you off … tell him, show him, be patient. however there is a need to know and understand his language, sometimes men will not figure out what you want if he is not switched to that language. Shouting yelling will always be a no no thing here.

  •  Faking your orgasms

Nothing hurts a man than learning that you faked it .We’ve all faked an orgasm (or two) before and there’s absolutely no shame in it. But if you’re faking more than you’re experiencing mind-blowing orgasms, please stop it as you will only have yourself to blame later.

  • Give and Take,

If you want to receive, you have to give selfish is not sexy, sweets…but do not settle for someone who refuses to put you first. Repeat after me: The right man will never put his own pleasure before mine. In fact, the you’ll know you’re with a good man when he’s turned on by how turned on you are.

  • It might Sound Gross.

Don’t be afraid to swallow, it can actually be a lot easier. And it’s a hell of a lot less messy. Bonus: There are crazy health benefits associated with his semen. Yes, says google. Own your noise to the highest pitch. You may be a screamer, a squealer, a moaner or a chirper,  whatever you are, be proud. Expressing how you feel, in and out of the bedroom is important, it boosts morale and confidence in many other aspect.

  • Chances Work Miracles

Don’t write off a guy who is so-so the first time you have sex. It good o note that the first time is usually a bit awkward with any new partner. Great sex takes practice so don’t act judge if you don’t get off the first time, but if he isn’t willing to put in some work, he’s not worth it. The jackhammer never did anything for anyone except make us feel like blow-up dolls. Don’t settle for that; you deserve better.

  • Back Door Is NO NO.

The first and foremost rule of any type of intercourse is consent between both of you, and if he wants to make his way through your backdoor, he better ask you three times. At least,  ever date a man who doesn’t ask before going in there.

  • Masturbation isn’t just for men…

In fact, studies have shown that women who masturbate regularly have better and fuller orgasms. You don’t have to buy a vibrator, just take a venture with your hands,  and it isn’t something you have to only do when you’re alone. There’s nothing quite as sexy as telling a man that he can’t touch you while you proceed to touch yourself.

  • Ground rules for sex, but be open to trying new things.

You should know your ground rule black and white, we all have things we do and don’t do, and we usually learn through experience. It’s fine to say that you’re not willing to do ABC … but if B seems nice in a month or a year, don’t be afraid to change the rules. While clean-up is for two people after enjoying together. Throwing a towel in your general direction post-ejaculation is about as romantic as it sounds. You did it together, you clean up afterwards together. A bit of a mess is part of the sexual contract. There’s no room for being squeamish. We’re all adults here

  • You don’t always have to say YES to yes

If you’re not feeling it every single evening, do not let anyone pressure you into it. You’re not a prude because you need to catch up on sleep but always saying ‘no’ is a buzz kill for every relationship. Rejection isn’t sexy and well, to build intimacy, you need to be intimate. Even if it’s a quickie as soon as the alarm goes off.

  • Men who think foreplay is optional are lame.

Seriously. Your body is awesome, Curvy, big boobs, small ones, thin, athletic, voluptuous, J-Lo booty or no booty at all — what you got is workin’ for YOU. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, he doesn’t always have to initiate you can give a que by changing to something sexy soon after dinner as you follow you favourite tv series together. Try it, you might like it, and he might really like it you might even end up making out on the sofa.

  • Play Safe

If you’re sleeping together without a condom, it’s time for the talk. Ever wonder when it’s time to have the discussion of where the relationship is going? It’s when he starts complaining that he ‘can’t get it up with a condom. Thou shalt not judge others’ sex lives,  your friend seems like she’s having a lot more sex than you are. She might be ready for it or might be faking it.

  • If you’re not sure if you had an orgasm, you haven’t.

Sorry. But the good news? The majority of women can orgasm through some sort of sexual stimulation. Make it your goal to work toward a big finish before the big 3-0.

  • Buy yourself some lingerie.

And not just for him, but for you. Pick lingerie that you’re comfortable in, that makes you feel glamorous and that you can put on whenever want, with an audience or not. Especially if there’s living room or kitchen sex involved.

  • Don’t discount the importance of kissing.

Don’t you remember those make-out sessions in high school? They can be even hotter when you’re aware of how all those stimulated senses mixed together can feel. Read our other article on kissing techniques.

  • Or dirty talk.

You don’t have to get graphic or charge 99 cents a minute but if you like it, tell him. If he likes it, he’ll tell you. Then you’ll both get more of what you like. Men don’t care that you’re not perfect, but they do care that you’re a sexual being, and how you feel about it.

  • In a long-term relationships, keep the details private.

You might think that discussing ever dirty instance with your friends will make your sex life better but in fact, it can make it feel less intimate. It’s fine to be brief, but let those special moments stay between the two of you. Friends don’t let friends stay in sexless relationships. We’ve all needed an intervene.

  • Enjoy it.

That roll in your stomach? Your thighs that aren’t perfect? That zit on your forehead? He’s not looking at any of it. He’s watching to see if you’re enjoying yourself. Get out of your head, let go of your worries and let yourself have fun. Your 20s fly by – and your 30s might too – but good sex? It’s timeless.


It Takes 2 To Tango. You Should know About Sex Before You Are 30, You are awesome together Curvy, big boobs, small ones, thin, athletic, voluptuous, J-Lo booty or no booty at all, what you got is working for YOU. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, he doesn’t always have to initiate you can give a que by changing to something sexy soon after dinner as you follow you favourite tv series together.


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