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Another V blogger Targets Team Mafisi.

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Team mafisi have something to worry about now after another v bog targeting the group has surfaced on the social media in less than a weeks’ time form the previous #Anita, the vblog has attracted over 2.5 k views and is going viral between the people who understand the language used.. I have not yet spoken to the director of the v blog but i will do my best to get hold of her. In order to determine why she was that much upset.

members photoMembers of team mafisi had violent reactions to the v blog  and most of them insisted that there was no reason for such a vblog to be on the social media, They simply said that the v blogger should had sent the v blog directly to the concerned person rather than the whole universe. There also members who suggested that the v blogger had caused the problem herself and running to social media was not necessary.

Others Team Mafisi commented with little bitterness stating that “you do your best through the best language known to you and there was no need to use the foreign language” as the v blogger had suggested. The followers of the video seemed to be so bitter with each other at some point. Haring emotional feeling back and forth.

The worst came from one of team mafisi members who insisted that, the use the simple tool of trade, was only occasioned by the hard times that the team mafisi go through during the negotiations of the ‘cake’.

However the v blogger has received numerous compliments and vote of thanks commending her for the good work she did there, her courage to bring it out and the right way and perfect way she has executed it. Among them the best commendations come from the clan of ‘greek’ speakers and they did so using the ‘greek’ language. This has left me worried if they do follow the language code which they want team mafisi to follow. “Bring out the best of yourselves and you will get the cake peacefully” suggested one of the commentators. The conversations and threads are long and people some of the team mafisi tried to flex their language muscles only to attract outrageous curses.

It’s another cold weekend for team mafisi and the news room looks sad as heavy rains hamper our efforts to get hold of the members. The fisilets have learned another proverb ‘ kwetu kunanyesha siwezi toka’ which keeps the team mafisi members at the cold corner. The lucky few who had done their poaching earlier are ina state of shock as well. The fisilets spending the weekend in their bedsitters, during which smart phone will remain on flight mode, if at all the kplc have restored power supply in the area.

The fear of another fisilets showing up in the name of ‘wacha nikajue kwanini amezima simu’ is reality. If only another one shows up at the door step, both birds will fry away like there was no rains after a big confrontation, leaving the neighbour with gossips rhymes that will haunt the team mafisi member till he relocates. ‘ana kawanga hivyo, hata kuna mwingine mnono, hukuja usiku Wednesdays peke yake’

Mafisi Challeged

Team mafisi has been experiencing a lot of association issues in the recent past, and especially after the chairman’s interview which i covered days ago. I have received a number of call to schedule an interview with team mafisi defector group members however times is not on my side. Be sure to catch what they will say next.

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