7 Mafisi Characters In Whatasapp.

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People textingI am particularly puzzled by the fact that, a lot of apps have been developed allowing us to share information at the finger tips and over a large groups of people at the same time. Thus reminding me of my afternoon as I scrolled through my phone and something struck my head. Whatasapp Groups

By now I know if your reading this you will be shaking your head after you realiase that you are a member of a number of whataspp groups created for different reasons, some to last for longer periods, while others for shorter period  but no one ever disbands  the group officially. Be it a wedding plan group, workmates group, baby shower groups, sales group, you just name, there are a strange characters in them.

The Ghost,

There are the people that were added to the group and are only personally known to the admin or a few other members, they never comment or contribute to the group discussions, at times you will know them by other name not the one showing on the group.

The Media Guy,

They are always there and updated on all other information apart from what the group is all about, they will keep you  updated on celebrity news, local news and other news around the world, they are never tired and will keep on till the group if deleted. You will notice their absence which can only be caused by a gadget failure.

The Forwarders

They have all the jokes and are members to as many groups as possible they just keep forwarding jokes and anything even if it doesn’t make sense, they keep the group alive and humor is their center stage, at times they will contribute to the group discussion and they will always follow the proceedings.

The Leaders.

They will follow the groups discussion and objectives to the last minute they know who does what and what is the next step even before the  topic goes online, mostly they will have another discussion off the main group for deliberations, any attempt to oppose their motives and ideas will be dealt with by their circles in the group.

The Rumour Mongers,

They will have separate group to start the rumours, they will even be chatting within themselves discussing the other member in the group, and they make good use of “emoji” just to let you know their feelings. After the mission is completed they are the first to leave the group just to be careful they  don’t through back the discussions my mistake.

The Attention Seekers,

They will never comment in the beginning of a project, only to come back at the end and start asking questions that were discussed long back. They will always be very emotional if no one gets back to them to answer their obvious questions. At times they will behave like cry “babys” and be very repetitive.

The Crazy and Lazy

They will always reply everything in short form, lol, omg, confusing everyone or “Emoji” they will even laugh where they need to be sad or serious, sometime you wonder if they posted in that group by mistake.

By now you are shaking your head as you name people in the groups, pass it on and share the fun enjoy your weekend.

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