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Uganda & Malawi Beats our Local Team Mafisi

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According to a survey carried out by the leading CD manufacturer in the World, Durex, across 26 countries of the world, among others were some African countries like Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa which were shortlisted to be the countries with the horniest women in the world. The study also proved that men from Malawi and Kenya are the strongest in bed during that adult match and can take up to 9 rounds within a period of 24 hours.

Kissing coupleDespite being strong, the survey also found out that Malawi men do not relax during the love making session. Their erection stifles them so much that they do not want to waste time with foul-play but rush to inset their headquarters for serious business. As a result, most Malawian women do not enjoy the act and pleasure ending up in pain and frustrations, a problem that leads to family breakups and endless wars.

However, for those who handle their women well, they appreciate the horny part of their partners and can enjoy the sex life for long. A good thing that has contributed to the population growth of the Malawians

Uganda was named the most sexually satisfied country. The study states that Ugandan men spend at least 36 minutes during intercourse. The study also showed that women from Rwanda and Uganda are naturally the most gifted when it comes to wet cookies compared to other  women in the world. I found out numerous videos on youtube of ladies educating their counter parts on dos and don’ts in the matrimonial beds.

Countries were ranked based on mutual love and respect between partners, freedom from sexual dysfunction, frequency of sex and pre-intimacy and an exciting sex life. Here’s how the list of satisfaction stands.Survey

The survey also included a special report of the average aged couples between 21- 50 yrs and their lives in between the sheets and this are some of the highlights.

  • Half are dissatisfied with their bedroom escapades.
  • 37% feel that their time between the sheets ends too quickly.
  • 36% have also said they hardly ever, or never, “cross the finish line” at the same time as their partner.
  • 75% have rendezvoused in an adventurous locale.
  • 65% of middle class have gotten hot ‘n’ heavy in a car.
  • 35% have taken more than a dip in a pool
  • 31% have bared it all on a beach.
  • 65% daydream about making love more often outside of the bedroom.

This might be solidified with the behaviour of women especially on social network where they are so free to tempt innocent men, who according to same research are impatient at erotic matters. Evidently, one can argue that the two have physically tested each other’s sweet things through the openness displayed during conversations.


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